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Christine Buttner (Green)

Christine Buttner (Green) interview

Directed by Mark Craig and produced with funding from the Shiers Memorial Fund/Royal Television Society

About Christine...

As a child, Christine Buttner (Green) had a dream of making pictures for television, a medium she loved and still does. When she went to Kingston University to study graphic design she encountered a former BBC graphic designer, Jean Braid, who was her course leader, and her eyes were opened to the possibility of a career designing for television. At the earliest opportunity after graduation, she applied for a job working for the BBC Graphic Design Department; she was appointed and never looked back.

It was an auspicious moment for a young designer as the technology was changing rapidly and the move from analogue to digital was already complete, as far as post-production was concerned. Christine’s approach was to learn on the job and storyboard the idea of what she wanted to achieve in terms of movement, look and scenario, and to consult with post-production experts at facilities houses about how her ideas could best be realised. She cites her title sequence for ’Mad About Music’ as a good example of this approach, and always found this collaborative way of working with experts in their own field both satisfying and fruitful. Looking back on her career in television she feels privileged and lucky to have had the opportunity to work in the industry in a capacity which far exceeded her dream of making pictures for television that she had as a child.

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