Your child's wellbeing and support network

Supporting your child throughout their university life

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We’ve got their back.

For some parents and guardians, seeing their child leave home for university can be unsettling. While you want them to develop the tools required to forge a rewarding career, you also want to know they’ll be ok; that they are safe, supported, healthy and given a platform and community they can thrive in.

Your child's wellbeing at university

There’s a support system in place to guide your child during a time of need and help them squeeze the most out of their studies at Ravensbourne. University is an exciting period in a person’s life, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be the odd bump in the road.

Whether it’s anxiety, exam pressure, loneliness, anger, illness, trauma, drink, drugs or anything else affecting their mental health and wellbeing, help is available. The Student Counsellor Service offers free, expert, confidential advice to Ravensbourne students. 

Bringing the fun: Helping your child settle into university life

The Ravensbourne Students’ Union (RSU) represents our students on all matters affecting their life and education. It coordinates a bustling social calendar full of clubs, sports and regular events, so that your child can enjoy their downtime.

They are sure to bump into likeminded people through a range of societies tailored to various audiences and interests, including the Christian Union, LGBT+ Society, Film Society, Fencing Society, Asian Society, Latin Society, Trust in Dance, to name just a few. 

The RSU is an eco-friendly union dedicated to becoming environmentally sustainable. It also champions great causes, such as drumming up support for Go Green Week, Fairtrade Fortnight, Children in Need, Sports Relief and Mental Health Day.

For more information, visit Ravensbourne Students' Union or email [email protected].

Your child’s future: jobs, careers and employability

You’re not packing your child off to uni just for a certificate and a good time! You need to know that you’re boosting their employability and long-term prospects. 

Ravenbourne has an impressive post-graduation employment record and the best creative graduate salary rate among specialist universities in the UK. Owed in part to our exceptional industry links with globally-renowned brands, we produce graduates who are truly equipped for the modern creative industry.

We can help your child get a job either during or after their studies with our online job portal, The Agency. Meanwhile, Ravensbourne Insights offers expert advice on how to become a creative freelancer – from launching your own limited company to polishing your portfolio, CV, covering letter and interview technique. 

Producing industry-fit graduates is embedded in our culture, so our degrees will offer optimal value to you and your child. 

Academic support and development

The Study Skills team at Ravensbourne can help your child become a more effective and independent learner throughout their academic journey, while our mentoring programme allows them to draw on the experience of experienced students, who can help solve problems and plan their academic development.

Each of our course clusters also has a dedicated student liaison officer, who can offer your child invaluable careers advice and information on opportunities in their chosen field.

All these things will help to ensure your child gets the most out of their academic adventure. 

Their opportunity to shine: equality, diversity and inclusion

London is a multi-cultural Capital teeming with culture, while Ravensbourne University is at the heart of its creative core, where inquisitive minds unite from over 90 different nations.   

Ravensbourne is dedicated to building a diverse community where everyone is equal. Your son or daughter should expect to receive the same opportunities as everyone else, regardless of their gender, nationality or socio-cultural background. 

All members of our community should be able to fully realise their creative potential and Ravensbourne takes unfair treatment, harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour very seriously. 

Learn more: equality, diversity and inclusion

Disability and accessibility

If your child is considered to have a disability and would like to apply to go to Ravensbourne University London, you may be interested in learning more about the Disabled Student's Allowance scheme and the admission process for disabled students.

You and your child can call on the Student Services team if you wish to discuss any requirements in relation to a disability. We can offer your child confidential advice, help them engage with any external support agencies, acquire specialist equipment and discuss any accessibility requirements.