Equality, diversity and inclusion

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Ravensbourne is committed to the ongoing development of a community which continually strives to achieve equality of opportunity, good relations among its staff and students and a learning environment where all members of the community can fully realise their individual potential.  

We recognise that our continued success depends upon having a community with a diverse range of skills, backgrounds and experience that spark ideas and encourage innovation and creativity.

Ravensbourne wishes to ensure that all staff and students work in a climate free from unfair treatment, harassment or abusive behaviour. We recognise that discrimination can manifest itself in different ways and that its effect is destructive both to those who experience it and to those who cause it.

Therefore, whether you are staff, student, visitor or applying for employment or study, we are committed to challenging and addressing unlawful discrimination or unfair disadvantage. We developed our Equality and Diversity Policy and procedures in accordance with these principles.

We have developed our Equal Opportunities pages seen below to support our views and policies on Equality and Diversity. We hope you will find these pages useful and informative, whether you are a student, staff member or visitor. This website is continually developing and we value your opinion.

For more information on Equal Opportunities, please visit Equality Challenge Unit website.

Gender Pay Gap Analysis
You can view the report and commentary on the Gender Pay Gap Analysis at Ravensbourne, from March 2018.

Contact us

If you would like to make a comment, ask a question, or share an example of good practice on equality and diversity, please email us at [email protected]