Step 4: International students in-person enrolment

12 September – 22 September 2023

On your first day at Ravensbourne, international students are required to visit the Enrolment Centre (located at Ravensbourne University London) to complete your in-person enrolment.

The Enrolment Centre will be open between 12 September – 22 September 2023 when International Welcome Week and Welcome Week will be taking place. 

Important note: You will not be able to attend any lessons until you have completed in-person enrolment.

What to bring with you to in-enrolment

International students requirement only

Please bring your entry clearance visa (stamped by the border control officer). If your visa did not get stamped at the border control, please bring a copy of your flight ticket, train ticket (travel itinerary) or boarding pass, OR 

Online Immigration Status together with your itinerary: flight ticket, train ticket or boarding pass, PLUS 

  • Passport 

  • Biometric Residence Permit Card (BRP card) 

  • Confirmation of your UK telephone number and postal address. 

Additional Information 

You may also be required to provide proof of academic qualifications – original certificates, a transcript of results or a confirmation of award letter, stamped and signed by the institution (if the original documents have not been checked on application). 

Please note that we will not be able to fully enrol you on the course if you are unable to provide all of the above documents/ information. 

Once you have completed your in-person enrolment you will be given your Student ID and instructions on how to set up your Ravensbourne IT account.