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We're making waves in the industry, for the quality of our student's work, the commitment of our teaching staff and the innovative projects we are producing. Here are a few ways we're getting noticed

April 2022

Verge coverage


Kopparberg's iconic Core range bottles have been designed by a Ravensbourne student

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March 2022

Marie Claire March coverage 2022

Marie Claire March coverage 2022

Ravensbourne alumna Hannah Coffin talks Needle & Thread, celebrating success and the importance of asking for help.

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Dezeen March coverage


Ten architecture master's courses on Dezeen Courses

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Little Black Book

Little Black Book

Kopparberg’s Iconic Ciders Get First Ever Limited-edition Makeover

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London TV

London TV

Kopparberg’s best-sellers get their first ever limited-edition makeover, designed by a university student

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December 2021

Metro December coverage 2021



London has a new design district in Greenwich and you could live right by it.

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November 2021

Dezeen coverage November 2021


Ten most popular Dezeen School Shows of 2021

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It's Nice That coverage Jan 2022

It's Nice That

This new app wants to help you build a brand with purpose

Stephen Lloyd, an educator of advertising and brand design at Ravensbourne University, tries to integrate technology and design thinking into his work. 

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October 2021

Dezeen presents architecture courses


Eight architecture degree courses on Dezeen Courses

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Dezeen October 2021


Six product design courses on Dezeen courses

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Hello Young Creatives - October coverage

Hello Young Creatives

Green Rock, the London-based end-to-end creative content studio, and Ravensbourne University London have struck a partnership to accelerate the next generation of young creators into the UK’s content production industry.

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September 2021

Ravensbourne students' Mixed reality exhibit features on BBC London news segment

Our students talk to BBC London news

Skyline view of Institute building


Greenwich Design District opens its diverse doors

After lots of anticipation, high-profile design reveals, and an enviable collection of contributors and tenants, the Greenwich Design District is officially open.

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Skyline photo of Institute


London's Design District officially opens to the public

The Design District on London's Greenwich Peninsula has officially opened, with buildings designed by SelgasCano, 6a Architects, Adam Khan Architects, Architecture 00, HNNA, Barozzi Veiga, David Kohn Architects and Mole Architects.

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August 2021

Clippings from Guardian coverage

The Guardian

Catalan ballet dancers perform at Ravensbourne University as part of the Greenwich and Docklands international festival

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Clippings in Dezeen


A project that explores rituals around death through the use of mycelium and a dance studio are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Ravensbourne University London.

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Clippings in Architects Journal

Architects Journal

Net Gains: Architecture 00’s building for the Greenwich Design District

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July 2021

Clippings in Tech Register

Tech Register

June 2021

Coverage for the Institute in Wallpaper Magazine

Wallpaper June 2021

London Design District launches first building by Barozzi Veiga

Ravensbourne’s brand new Institute for Creativity and Technology by Spanish-Italian architects Barozzi Veiga is the first building to launch at London’s Design District.

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Coverage in Dezeen magazine 2021

Dezeen June 2021

Barozzi Veiga designs reflective university building at London's Design District

Spanish studio Barozzi Veiga has completed an aluminium-clad building for Ravensbourne University London at the Design District in Greenwich.

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Guardian coverage for Institute for Creativity and Technology

The Guardian, June 2021

‘An architectural fashion show’: Greenwich peninsula’s Design District

From a rooftop basketball court to a caterpillar-shaped food hall, the souk-like London development is architecture at its trendiest. Can its eye-popping buildings lure young creatives – and bring the buzz?

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May 2021

Coverage of The Institute for Creativity and Technology in The Architects Newspaper

The Architects Newspaper, May 2021

Tenants move in as London’s Greenwich Design District nears completion

In September 2017, plans for London’s first purpose-built ‘Design District’ were unveiled.

The project is nearing completion as the district readies itself for its first tenants moving in spring this year. These include Ravensbourne University, which is moving into a shimmering silver cube designed by Barozzi Veiga (A1), with interiors by Brinkworth. 

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The Architects Journal

The Architects Journal

Designing the Greenwich Peninsula’s Design District

At the end of May the first ‘creatives’ will begin moving into the almost-complete Design District on a car-free 1ha site next to the O2 on the Greenwich Peninsula.

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April 2021

Coverage that appeared in Fashion United

Fashion United coverage

Pentland Brands partners with UK students to help launch careers

Pentland Brands, which owns Speedo, Berghaus, and other sports and outdoor lifestyle brands, announced it has partnered with academic institutions across the UK to nurture design students through mentoring workshops, career opportunities, and fabric donations.

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FE News coverage

FE News

Returning to education is best decision ever!

Decision to return to education has set 27-year-old Genna Holliss on a path to a successful career in STEM.

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March 2021

Coverage snippet from WWD Women's Wear Daily

WWD, March 2021

Ravensbourne to launch digital technology for fashion course

As digital fashion becomes the new frontier, students will be able to learn how to make virtual sneakers and digital arts at Ravensbourne.

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Rendered image of Institute appearing in Design Week

Design Week, March 2021

 Interior inspiration: Design Week’s picks:

Ahead of its opening later this year, interior design consultancy Brinkworth has released renders of what the Institute for Creativity and Technology will look like. Housed in the incoming Design District, the space will be operated by Ravensbourne University London.

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Coverage in GMI Post for Ravensbourne

GMI Post, March 2021

Ravensbourne University London: A cosmopolitan hub of creativity

GMI Post met with Emma Shailer, the Director of Student Recruitment and Success of Ravensbourne, to find out how the university is adapting to rapid globalisation and to the disruption wrought by the global pandemic. 

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February 2021

I.D Magazine, February 2021

I.D Magazine, February 2021

Ravensbourne University London embraces fashion’s digital revolution

Though last year was hardly an easy ride for fashions students, it was also a year in which they, and the institutions they studied at, demonstrated the power of creativity, innovation and resilience in the face of challenges none of us could have foreseen.

Among the most memorable examples of this is the initiative launched by Ravensbourne University London under the direction of Programme Director, Lee Lapthorne, a collaboration between the institution’s BA Fashion and gaming courses to showcase graduate collections via a downloadable game.

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January 2021

Medium Advertising and Brand Management coverage

Medium, January 2021

‘Click here’ & ‘try this key command’ –Thoughts on empowering a creative community

A community of learners has always been key to learning in creative higher education. Unfortunately, even before lockdown, successfully establishing such a community had become more and more challenging. 

On the BA Hons Advertising & Brand Design at Ravensbourne, they bucked this trend and in the 2020 publication, We Are 906!  course leader Derek Yates used the Foreword to pay tribute to what the class had achieved.

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Wallpaper Magazine coverage

Wallpaper Magazine coverage

Barozzi Veiga create contrasting monochrome apartments

Barcelona-based architecture duo Barozzi Veiga have created a dark and moody, and a light and bright design, respectively, for their own homes.

They recently designed our very own Institute for Creativity and Technology.

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December 2020

Dezeen coverage December 2020

Dezeen, December 2020

Dezeen's top 10 student and graduate projects of 2020

Dissolvable noodle packaging by Holly Grounds

Ravensbourne University student Holly Grounds has infused an edible biofilm with dried herbs and spices to create a ramen wrapper that dissolves and flavours the noodles when boiled alongside them.

The aim is to replace the many plastic sachets that normally accompany the ready-meal and take decades to decompose, while the dish itself is designed to be cooked and eaten in a matter of minutes.

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It's Nice That Accumulate coverage

It's Nice That, December 2021

A New Angle: Marice Cumber on how creativity can empower the homeless

The founder of Accumulate, the Art School for the Homeless, and Work Based Learning Co-ordinator at Ravensbourne wants to open up access to the positive effects of creative education still widely reserved for the privileged.

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Coverage in London TV for Institute of Creativity

London TV, December 2020

Ravensbourne University London launches new Institute for Creativity and Technology to kick-start careers

The brand new Institute for Creativity and Technology will occupy one of two Barozzi Veiga buildings at Design District from April 2021.

Design District is London’s first ever dedicated permanent hub for the creative industries and has been designed to provide workspace for up to 1,800 people across its 16 buildings. From individual designers and makers to burgeoning start-ups and established studios, the district will house creative enterprises of all sizes and has been designed to encourage interaction, co-working and collaboration – the ingredients of a thriving creative ecosystem.

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November 2020

Creative Review coverage for The Book of Homelessness

Creative Review

Experiences with homelessness retold in graphic novel form

London-based charity Accumulate supports young homeless people through creative education and workshops covering fields such as photography, sculpture and graphic design.

The charity previously launched Sound Judgement, the UK’s first radio station written, produced and run by people who have been affected by homelessness, and has helped people gain a formal education at London’s Ravensbourne University through scholarships. So far, 20 Accumulate students have received scholarships, and eight have gone on to study degree courses.

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Coverage in Nylon Magazine

Nylon Magazine, November 2020


 From Twitch streams to esports apparel and everything in between, the gamification of fashion has only just begun.

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It's Nice That November coverage for The Book of Homelessness

It's Nice That, November 2020

The Book of Homelessness is the first graphic novel made by homeless creatives

The Accumulate Art School for the Homeless was founded five years ago by Marice Cumber, and does incredible work to help young homeless people move forward positively in their lives through creative projects. It runs courses in graphic design, illustration, fashion, photography, sculpture and more, building skills to enter education, employment or training, and even has a scholarship through which 20 of the course’s participants have gone on to study at Ravensbourne University.

Now it has published what it states is the world’s first graphic novel made by homeless people, The Book of Homelessness: an anthology of drawings and written work that gives its creators a platform to relay their life stories and experiences from their perspective.

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Coverage for Louise Gray appointment in Fashion United

Fashion United, October 2020

Louise Gray appointment in The Industry.Fashion

The Industry.Fashion, October 2020


Design Week, September 2020

Design Week, September 2020

Could dissolvable packaging be the key to ending our reliance on plastic?

Innovative designers are working to create packaging materials that simply disappear in water — here, Ravensbourne BA (Hons) Product Design student Holly Grounds talks methods, potential and uses.

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Coverage in Vogue Business

Vogue Business, September 2020

Inside Twitch’s play for fashion

Ravensbourne programme director Lee Lapthorne discusses whether Twitch could be the new platform for luxury brands.

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August 2020

It's Nice That media coverage

It's Nice That, August 2020

The Graduates continued! Meet some more of the class of 2020

Kemi Adeeko

A recent graduate from Ravensbourne University, Kemi studied Advertising and Brand Design and now classifies herself as a visual storyteller with a focus on film and design. Creating inclusive work which tells stories of diversity from around the world, Kemi’s work spans design, music and fashion. She’s collaborated with Apple and artist Shamiya Battles, exploring the narrative of an unsigned artist, and devised a digital concept to share stories of Black people in everyday positive ways.

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Coverage in Research Professional News

Research Professional News

Ravensbourne gives acting vice-chancellor top job

Ravensbourne University London was pleased to announce that after a rigorous recruitment and selection process it has successfully appointed the new Vice-Chancellor, Andy Cook. 

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July 2020

Ravensbourne coverage in Drapers

Drapers, July 2020

Digital approach for Ravensbourne students’ final collections

Final-year fashion design students at Ravensbourne University London have collaborated with fellow students of gaming studies to design their final collections on digital avatars.

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Ravensbourne coverage in Forbes

Forbes, July 2020

Visionary fashion school creates interactive online game to showcase graduates’ collections

For most fashion education institutions, the closure of campuses due to Covid-19 spelled disaster for delivering curriculums centered on physical cutting and construction of garments and accessories.

But Ravensbourne University took a completely different approach, entering into the world of online gaming to provide graduating fashion students an opportunity to build their own fashion world and develop 3D digital design skills fit for a rapidly changing global industry. 

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Ravensbourne coverage in Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia, July 2020

Ravensbourne University: Rave Digital Première

For the first time, Ravensbourne University in London collaborated with the Twitch live streaming platform for the launch of Rave Digital , a downloadable video game designed by the students of the London Institute. 

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Ravensbourne coverage in 10 Magazine

10 Magazine, July 2020

Meet the Ravensbourne class of 2020

Although Ravensbourne University London was unable to provide a physical degree showcase for its students, the South London institution has come up with the next best thing. Teaming up with live-streaming platform Twitch.

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Dezeen, 2020

Holly Grounds develops dissolvable ramen packaging that turns into sauce

Ravensbourne Product design student Holly Grounds has replaced the many plastic sachets that accompany a pack of instant noodles with an edible, spice-infused wrapper that breaks down when cooked to season the broth.

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Ravensbourne coverage in WWD Magazine

WWD Magazine, July 2020

Ravensbourne University takes Graduate Fashion Show to Twitch

Ravensbourne partners final-year fashion design students with gaming students to realize their graduate works on digital avatars.

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June 2020

Ravensbourne coverage in Design Week

Design Week, June 2020

Ravensbourne coverage in Show Studio

Show Studio, June 2020


In response to the cancellation of Graduate Fashion Week due to the coronavirus pandemic, SHOWstudio created an online showcase for 2020's UK fashion graduates.

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Ravensbourne coverage in Creative Review

Creative Review, July 2020

May 2020

Ravensbourne coverage in Jisc

Jisc, May

Towards happy and healthy students: digital wellbeing and COVID-19

Brad Miller, a student at Ravensbourne University London, has been both an FE and HE learner at the university, and explains how learners in both sectors are keen to know what effect the pandemic will have on their courses. 

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April 2020

Ravensbourne coverage in Dezeen

Dezeen, April 2020

Ravensbourne University showcases fashion accessory and textile design course

Ravensbourne University is spotlighting its BA (Hons) Fashion Accessory & Textile Futures programme as part of the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

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March 2020

Ravensbourne coverage in The List

The List, March 2020

Foundations of Graphic Design

Through talks and practical tasks, Art Director, Ansel Neckles leads attendees through the foundations of graphic design.

Helping to shape the future creative industry, Ansel has been a Black & Yellow Pencil Judge at D&AD, is an associate lecturer at Ravensbourne University, and a regular guest lecturer at UAL.

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Ravensbourne coverage in Essential Retail

Essential Retail, March 2020

RetailEXPO Student Design Awards judging starts online

Judging for this year's Retail Expo Student Design Awards took place in March. The scheme sees students from six colleges tackle briefs from major retailers and brands. This year, Ravensbourne University were served a brief by Pizza Express.


February 2020

Ravensbourne coverage in Creative Review

Creative Review, February 2020

Accumulate launches new radio show created by young homeless people

In 2017, charity Accumulate launched a three year-long scholarship programmes for people to work towards Ravensbourne’s Diploma in Design and Digital Media. This was aimed at those who might not have taken school qualifications to help get them to a level where they could apply for a full degree course.

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Ravensbourne coverage in The Telegraph

The Telegraph, February 2020

Multicoloured brilliance from a French artist who has transformed a corner of east London

Artist Emmanuelle Moureaux’s new installation brings colour and complexity to North Greenwich.

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Ravensbourne coverage in Campaign Magazine

Campaign Magazine, February 2020

Dwindling creative education must be our industry's next frontier - a view from Ollie Olanipekun

Ollie Olanipekun discusses why his creative agency, Superimpose, has partnered with institutions including Ravensbourne to provide inspiration and guidance for subjects that extend beyond the classroom.

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January 2020

RIBA - Ravensbourne building cuttings

RIBA Journal, January 2020

How public art can enrich the urban realm

The award-winning Ravensbourne University building is a shining example of how a new building can fit harmoniously into the surrounding area as a piece of art, says Riba Journal, inspiring the public and students alike.

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The Big Issue Ravensbourne coverage

The Big Issue, January 2020

UK’s first radio station run by homeless youngsters launches today

The UK’s first radio station run by homeless people has been launched to give homeless people a sustained voice on the airwaves.

Organisers Accumulate also partnered with tutors from Ravensbourne University London to share their digital expertise while students helped with branding and visualisation.

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Ravensbourne coverage in Broadcast

Broadcast Magazine, January 2020

Ravensbourne University unveils student-run TV channel

Ravensbourne University London has launched a pop-up TV channel called RaveTV with the tagline, ‘By students, for students’.

The channel is being run by BA (Hons) Digital Television Production and BSc (Hons) Digital Television Technology students and will broadcast online at RaveTV and on Freeview channel 792.

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