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At postgraduate degree level, you can pursue your area of expertise, challenge current design principles, digital media and professional practice.

By choosing to study with us in London our respected academics and practitioners with excellent experience and industry-links can thoroughly support you throughout your Masters’ programme.

You will have the chance to collaborate with industry and learners from other postgraduate courses, in order to work on exciting and ground-breaking multi-disciplinary projects.

Our specialised, design, innovation and digitally-focused postgraduate courses have been created in response to the demands of the burgeoning creative industries and knowledge economy. They provide a professional platform as well as a technologically challenging and academic course that will both inspire and question your journey.

Our Masters courses are multi-disciplinary in approach to postgraduate study and reflect the way designers, innovators and artists are using creative approaches to the worlds of organisations, services, advanced digital design methods and fabrication processes, to make both physical things and generate new social, environmental and organisational solutions.

The postgraduate courses form two distinct areas:

1. The MA/MSc Framework 

2. MDes portfolio of Design and Innovation Awards.

The MA Framework encompasses the scientific exploration of materials, the development and use of new technologies, the cross-fertilisation of old and new technologies and the creation of new forms, often using virtual data. You will develop compelling artefacts that engage the pragmatics of technology and the free invention of art and design and bring them to a successful synthesis.

Creative SkillsetThe MDes Portfolio, on the other hand, explores the strategic use of design and its application as a tool, a ‘way of thinking’ which puts people at the heart of new business models, technology and social change - all within a framework of sustainability. The focus of the MDes is on the organisational models, methods and approaches needed to shape positive social change, sustainable growth and the use of design as a driver for renewal and innovation.

Many of our postgraduate courses are Creative Skillset accredited.

All our Master courses are validated by the University of the Arts London (UAL).

Contact us

Write to us: Department of Postgraduate Studies, Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, Greenwich, SE10 0EW

Postgraduate applications: postgrad@rave.ac.uk

General enquiries: Caroline Aylmer, School of Postgraduate Studies Administrator: c.aylmer@rave.ac.uk

Postgraduate admissions enquiries: Jennifer Kumpelis, PG Admissions Officer: j.kumpelis@rave.ac.uk

Academic enquiries: Prof Jeremy Gardiner, Head of School a of Postgraduate Studies/Academic Supervision: j.gardiner@rave.ac.uk

Dr Brigitta Zics, Deputy Head of School of Postgraduate Studies/Academic Supervision: b.zics@rave.ac.uk

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