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Our specialist and digitally innovative postgraduate degree courses apply the lens of design thinking to business and professional practice.

Creating a genuine learning environment based on experiential learning has defined our approach to postgraduate study at Ravensbourne. This draws on the transdisciplinary and collaborative nature of design, technology and innovation, how we find ways of translating creative ideas into professional practice, services, business and civic environments.

Those that join postgraduate studies at Ravensbourne will be part of a rich mix of individuals - architects, entrepreneurs, virtual and augmented reality specialists, artists, engineers, graphic designers, luxury brand professionals, project managers, product designers, business consultants – all learning and working together to explore new professional practices, to question received wisdom and to articulate a sense of meaning and purpose around innovation, digital spaces and design thinking.

The postgraduate courses form two distinct areas:

1. The MA and MSc programmes

2. MDes portfolio of Design and Innovation Awards 

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Contact us

Write to us: Department of Postgraduate Studies, Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, Greenwich, SE10 0EW

Postgraduate application enquiries: postgrad@rave.ac.uk

Academic enquiries: 

Dr Brigitta Zics, Deputy Course Director, Department Postgraduate Studies: b.zics@rave.ac.uk

Paul Sternberg, Associate Dean, Head of Design Innovation, Postgraduate Studies: p.sternberg@rave.ac.uk

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