Course overview

  • Starts: Sep 2023
  • Duration: FT 1 year
  • Mode: Full time
  • Fees: UK: FT £10,400 / INT: FT £17,000
  • Location: The Institute

Ideal for: commercially-driven creatives interested in the nature of human perception through design, communication and marketing

Create. Reach. Inspire.

Do you want to master user-centred design innovation and propel your career in the creative industries and further afield? Our Design Communication master's degree will enable you to produce industry-quality graphic design, marketing, social media and digital technology assets.

In a recent survey, our postgraduate courses scored 91% student satisfaction for creativity and design, and 93% satisfaction overall. That makes us second for postgraduate study in the country*

*Source: Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, 2020

Why study this Design Communication master's degree?

  1. See your creative visions come to life
  2. Tap into exceptional industry connections
  3. Develop your business acumen 
  4. Establish a critical design practice
  5. Immerse yourself in emerging technologies and methodologies
  6. Respond to society and user needs to augment your design skills
  7. Create dynamic interacting spaces
  8. Study in a stunning new building in London's Design District
  9. Be a legacy-maker for The Institute of Creativity and Technology

Supercharge your visual communication design skills

In our exciting new MA Design Communication course, you will gain the knowledge, confidence and professional acumen to creatively position services, systems and need-driven design products.

You will respond to societal and user needs to expand your graphic communication design skills. You will be immersed in the tools and processes of digital design and emerging technologies, whilst exploring the value of design thinking and services in a bustling marketplace.

During the course you will establish a critical design practice, create dynamic interacting spaces, and apply design to respond to a range of needs. You’ll engage your target audiences by synthesising creativity with sound business theories – an essential skill that will boost your employability across many potential career avenues.

      After studying for your MA Design Communication course, you will have:

      • The hands-on design thinking skills to turn creative visions into truly engaging assets
      • The business and commercial acumen to reach and inspire audiences across all business, international and not-for-profit sectors
      • The confidence to generate real change and influence decision making at the most senior levels

      Student work


      Culturalphabet by Koonpol Podhisita

      Animation part of a campaign to promote Culturalphabet - a visual communication aid to help understand the Thai alphabet by using illustrations of Thai culture by past MA student Koonpol Podhisita.

      Ragnhild Utne design brochures

      Design brochures by Ragnhild Utne

      See more of photographer and communication designer, Ragnhild Utne 's work.

      ragnhild utne design brochures

      Design brochures by Ragnhild Utne

      See more of photographer and communication designer, Ragnhild Utne 's work.

      Unfold: Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

      Unfold: Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

      Ravensbourne in collaboration with CreativeLab, launched Unfold in September 2019, a multidisciplinary exhibition that showcased the work of our postgraduate students.

      Disciplines collaborated closely throughout the year to develop projects that interrogate, explore and critique a broad range of contemporary design issues.

      Students brought diverse prior experiences to their practice, and while applying this to their projects, they considered how they could move their disciplines forward.

      Key study topics

      • Experiment across design systems and communication design strategies, focusing on user-centred design thinking and production
      • Explore information design systems, hierarchies, networks and spaces of experiences both physical and digital
      • Create powerful ideas and utilise the best channels and tools to reach your markets and target audience effectively
      • Explore advanced professional practice in contemporary communication design, from visual identity, publishing and design authorship, to marketing communications, digital marketing and social engagement
      • Explore approaches to innovative communication solutions based on design thinking, systems thinking and business strategy, supported by market research, problem-solving methodologies and the application of cutting-edge technology
      • Hone specialist design skills and build an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies within the digital media, creative industries and commercial and not-for-profit sectors 

      The specifics