Course overview

  • Starts: Sept 2024
  • Duration: FT 1 year
  • Mode: Full-time / Part-time
  • Fees: UK: FT £12,400 / INT: FT £19,500

Ideal for: those keen to enhance their fashion business skills and work side-by-side with industry.

Push the boundaries of fashion innovation

Study in a collaborative environment, utilise the latest technology and work with industry on real-world briefs.

If you want to drive innovation and find solutions to global issues within the world of fashion, then this course could be for you.

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Why study this MBA in Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship?

  1. Develop highly desirable skills in business and entrepreneurship, within a focus on the fashion sector 

  2. Gain master's level skills in leadership, business strategy and innovation

  3. Build the confidence to excel within the competitive fashion business arena

  4. Experience a learning-by-doing approach to fashion leadership 

  5. Improve your future employment prospects through simulated tasks emulating real-world practice

  6. Enhance your professional network and collaborate with people with complementary skillsets  

  7. Become part of a tech-literate, creative community. 

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What can this course do for me?

This course puts strategy and innovation at the forefront of fashion business and will provide you with advanced knowledge in this area. 

The programme has been uniquely designed for all those who are interested in pursuing a career within the fashion industry. You will study among the UK’s finest creatives in a design led, technological and business environment and participate in a collaborative working environment.

During the course, you will develop your leadership and management skills and gain experience through simulated tasks which emulate real-world practice. 

Frequently asked questions

What skills does a great fashion entrepreneur possess?

A great fashion entrepreneur combines creativity with strong communication skills and business acumen. They possess a range of skills to help them thrive in a fast-paced environment. These include:

1. A strong understanding of both the business landscape and the fashion industry

A successful fashion entrepreneur is both business savvy and highly knowledgeable about what is trending within the fashion industry.

They will be able to identify business opportunities and make sound decisions for the health and future of the business.

They will be perceptive, and be able to predict future trends within the fashion industry, as well as have a deep understanding of the manufacturing and retailing processes.

2. A diversity agenda 

Fashion entrepreneurs have the power to challenge traditional beauty standards and promote diversity and inclusivity in their designs. By representing a wide range of body types, ethnicities, and identities, they help to foster a more open-minded and forward-thinking fashion landscape.

3. The full-spectrum of marketing skills

A competent, fashion entrepreneur will possess strong marketing skills. They will be able to expertly understand the best ways to reach the target audience and how to execute successful marketing campaigns in order to do so.

They will also have the latest marketing tools and technology to help drive traffic and convert customers.

They will also be highly versatile and able to confidently move between different projects, possessing skills in everything from copywriting to social media management and from photography to managing financials.

4. Consideration to sustainable and ethical practices

In recent years, consumers have become more conscious of sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry. Successful entrepreneurs embrace these values, incorporating environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices into their business.

5. Digital and social media savvy

In the digital age, having a strong online presence and understanding social media marketing are crucial for reaching and engaging with the target audience effectively.

6. Commitment to growth

The best fashion entrepreneurs never stop learning and evolving. They seek feedback, attend industry events, and invest in their own personal and professional development.

Fashion entrepreneurs are vital to the industry's growth, evolution, and positive influence on society. They drive creativity, promote inclusivity and sustainability, and act as trendsetters and influencers, shaping the way people engage with fashion.

The specifics

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