Run by students, for students.

Student Union

The recognised representatives of students at Ravensbourne University, creating opportunities for students to shape their university experience.

What we do:

  • Amplify the student voice
  • One stop hub for clubs and societies. We host lots of clubs and societies that organise regular events to bring the fun into student life and build stronger bonds within communities. Students can expect plenty of events throughout the year both on and off campus.
  • Negotiate discounts and offers with local retailers. Our students are eligible for discounts at almost all shops, restaurants and bars at the O2
  • Eco-friendly and dedicated to becoming more environmentally sustainable. We received gold status in the NUS’s Green Impact Awards Scheme in 2013 and received the Excellence Highly Commended Award in 2015.


Students can get involved with the decision-making process of the University, by becoming an elected Sabbatical Officer, (Full time President and Vice President), Part time officers of the student union and Student Academic and Activities Representatives (StAAR Academy)

For more information on student life, visit Ravensbourne Student Union   

or email: [email protected]

Adam Abouzanad

Student Liaison

We care about your career at Ravensbourne - so we're here to guide you as you decide where to go from here.

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