Course overview

  • Starts: Sep 2023
  • Duration: FT 1 year
  • Mode: Full-time
  • Fees: UK: FT £10,400 / INT: FT £17,000
  • Location: The Institute

Ideal for: illustrators who want to diversify their professional practices through exploring narrative communication techniques

Bring knowledge to life.

Our Illustration master's degree course will help you to engagingly convey complex information to effectively tell stories. Experimenting with an array of storytelling and narrative methods, you will master the roles of illustration and how to take advantage of immersive technologies.

In a recent survey, our postgraduate courses scored 91% student satisfaction for creativity and design, and 93% satisfaction overall*

*Source: Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, 2020

Student work

Woman in red dress stands on street

Carlie Chahine – Drag Culture in Lebanon

Montage depicting drag culture in Lebanon

Carlie Chahine – Drag Culture in Lebanon

Montage depicting drag culture in Lebanon

Carlie Chahine – Drag Culture in Lebanon

Work by student Sila Sobaci

Sila Sobaci – Guerrilla Gardening

MA Illustration for Communication work by Berivan Gul

Illustration by Berivan Gul

Shemar Taylor

Illustration by Shemar Taylor

MA Illustration for Communication

Student course work

MA Illustration for Communication work by Ella Chick

MA Illustration for Communication work by Ella Chick

MA Illustration for Communication

Mind map answering what is illustration

Unfold: Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

Unfold: Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

Ravensbourne in collaboration with CreativeLab, launched Unfold in September 2019, a multidisciplinary exhibition that showcased the work of our postgraduate students.

Disciplines collaborated closely throughout the year to develop projects that interrogate, explore and critique a broad range of contemporary design issues.

Students brought diverse prior experiences to their practice, and while applying this to their projects, they considered how they could move their disciplines forward.

Sila Sobaci Guerrilla Gardening

Sila Sobaci Guerrilla Gardening

Sila Sobaci Guerrilla Gardening

Sila Sobaci Guerrilla Gardening

Why study this Illustration master's degree?

  1. Embrace the natural storyteller in you
  2. Explore cutting-edge storytelling and narrative methods
  3. Augment your understanding of immersive illustration technologies
  4. Supercharge your illustration business
  5. Tap into exceptional industry connections
  6. Study in a stunning new building in London's Design District
  7. Be a legacy-maker for The Institute of Creativity and Technology

Throughout your MA Illustration course in London, you will explore the roles of illustration today and its wide-ranging professional applications moving forward. You will experiment across narrative and storytelling methods, which will enable you to present and reposition information in a strategic, accessible and engaging fashion. 

You will examine complex knowledge, data and information and bring it to life with empathy, which will free you to tell stories that need to be told and ensure that no message is lost in translation. 

Join the new MA Illustration course in our new flagship building, The Institute for Creativity and Technology, where creative minds prosper. By taking on consultancy and organisational roles, as well as developing your own illustration practice, this master's programme is designed to make you truly industry ready. 

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Key study topics

  • How creative narrative and storytelling methods can be used to make complex information accessible
  • Expanded models of professional illustration, including collaborative, interdisciplinary, facilitation and commercial practices
  • The use of illustration to foster community, facilitate dialogue, witness and document human experience and knowledge
  • Illustration as a distinctive empathetic, intersubjective communication discipline operating with specific behaviours, mechanisms and principles
  • The expansive application of illustration to communicate and transfer knowledge across disciplines and professional fields, with an emphasis on social practice
  • How to develop your creative practice with exposure to different methods of traditional and digital illustration and physical production
  • Explore storytelling techniques using immersive technologies to engage mass audiences
  • Experiment with how narratives can be told across media and platforms in linear, nonlinear, interactive, participatory and immersive ways

The specifics

Creativity. It's institutional.


When you study MA Ilustration, you will join a support network and diverse community of enterprising creatives in a stunning new building teeming with creativity and endeavour. Opening in 2021, The Institute for Creativity and Technology connects academics, researchers and postgraduate students with industry partners to explore the interplay between creativity and technology for education, industry and society.

Located in the heart of London’s creative hub, the Design District, its impossible not to be inspired by the passionate minds, creative sparks and rich culture that surrounds you.

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The Institute for Creativity and Technology

The Institute Cover Image

Introduction: our Institute of Creative Technology

Institute for Creativity and Technology building from the outside

Where you'll be studying

Cityscape image taken from top of Institute building

Cityscape view taken from the Institute roof

Image taken by building and refurbishment contractor, Troy.