Postgraduate studies

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Bringing together a vibrant global community of practitioners, disruptors and communicators, the postgraduate programme at the Institute is a living lab. It is a space where creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship comes together, all under one roof.


Design, innovation and technology

The programme explores the strategic use of design, innovation and technology. It looks at how the application of these components put people at the heart of new business models, brand innovations, technological transformation and social change.

As part of the postgraduate department, you can:

  • Work with leading professionals and organisations on ‘live’ projects – with a focus on accelerating professional opportunities.
  • Develop powerful research skills in the areas of ethnographic research, facilitation methods, co-creation and business consultancy methods.
  • Learn practical design skills using rapid prototyping, community organising, visualisation and storytelling. You'll learn to use these tools to design new services and organisational models – combining research with leadership and advocacy.
  • Develop your own creative venture through our entrepreneurial incubation programme for start-ups and gain access to its unique mentorship programme.

A dynamic and creative studio space

The dedicated postgraduate hub is a creative studio space for our community of postgraduate students. 

GradSchool Hub

CGI image of the postgraduate department

CGI image of forthcoming Grad School

CGI image of the postgraduate department

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