Postgraduate courses

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We bring together a vibrant global community of practitioners, disruptors and communicators. All our postgraduate courses have been designed with industry, for industry and reflect our broad creative focus. Explore our range of courses.

Design, innovation and technology

Our courses explore the strategic use of design, innovation and technology. They look at how the application of these components put people at the heart of new business models, brand innovations, technological transformation and social change.

Extended Masters courses

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Our extended masters courses are aimed at international students looking to improve their English Language skills to progress on to postgraduate-level study.

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Postgraduate ethos

We are delighted to launch a suite of postgraduate courses with innovation and entrepreneurship at their heart. Our master’s courses are designed to nurture great creative leaders and innovators for tomorrow.  

The courses draw on the knowledge, methods and approaches from a broad range of design, business and creative specialisms, which combine applied research, management and business incubation.  

Ravensbourne University London’s postgraduate courses embrace the following values. 

Design thinking 

The value of design thinking is used not only as a problem-solving method or as a means of visualising new products and services, but in its wider application to business strategy, business models and organisational change. 

Human-centred approach 

When approaching design and creative practices, real innovation comes from gaining a deep understanding of users’ wants, needs and aspirations. By understanding what target audiences like or dislike about the way existing services and brands are designed marketed, and supported, you will be able to innovate solutions that truly matter, gain traction and ultimately improve lives. 

Tell your story 

Covering diverse approaches to innovation, branding, design strategy and business development, you will develop your brand story alongside the creative process and service itself, to create deep empathy with markets, communities and stakeholders around your vision. 

Driving global transformation through design and creativity  

There is an increasing need for entrepreneurs, innovators, creative and design professionals to gain a global and wider societal perspective and a critical understanding of the challenges facing the creative and global economy in the 21st century. 

Prepare you for industry 

You will approach each discipline through live projects and industry-based learning, which will include collaboration and knowledge sharing with professional organisations.  

Lead from the front 

You will develop your innovation and leadership mindset, which will instil the confidence to devise original approaches to creative practice, strategy, social, organisational and business innovation problems.