Course overview

  • Starts: 2022
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Mode: Full time
  • UCAS code: W240
  • Fees: UK: £9,250 / INT: £16,500

Ideal for: innovators who wish to produce quality products across the production life cycle that better serve society

A vision for innovation.

Ready to bring your ideas to life? This award-winning Product Design degree in London enables you to explore ergonomics, aesthetics and sustainability to produce an industry-ready portfolio


Product Design - Prospectus Cover Image

Showcase of our student's work

Gurjit Choda Product Design award-winning stand

Work by student Gurjit Choda

Student work: Bolt product design packaging

Example of student's work

Product Design Procarton shortlisted students

Example of student's work

Product Design Procarton shortlisted students

Example of student's work

Product Design Procarton shortlisted students

Example of student's work

Product design Beyond Plastic image

Example of student's work

Product Design Student Mayor's entrepreneur award entry

Example of our student's work

Sustainable Tic Tac packaging by Product Design student Gurjit Choda

Sustainable Tic Tac packaging by student Gurjit Choda

Prism perfumes Product Design packaging by Rezma Jusna

Prism perfumes Product Design packaging by Rezma Jusna

Product Design students award-winning products.

Work by student Alex Simon

Product Design students award-winning products.

Example of student's work

Student Enzo Daquipil First aid brief

Student Enzo Daquipil First aid brief

Work by student Enzo Daquipil for a first aid brief - Clean Wrap Go

Work by student Lewis Calderwell entitled 'Morph'

Work by student Lewis Calderwell entitled 'Morph'

Life recorder with Iris Bacar Skate Shoe

Work by student Iris Bacar entitled 'Skate Shoe'

Why study this product design degree?

  1. Award-winning product design course 
  2. Strong industry links, live client projects and internships
  3. Great staff to student ratio with unrivalled access to tutors
  4. Cutting-edge, open-access prototyping studios
  5. Gain industry ready skills

In this hands-on Product Design course at Ravensbourne University London, you’ll define problems and opportunities through cutting-edge research and analysis, develop original ideas with creative thinking, and deliver detailed designs ready for production. 

Predominantly project-based, you’ll study the functional and market-led requirements of product design from concept to production, looking at ergonomics, aesthetics, usability, sustainability, intellectual property and the application of technology. You’ll also learn to communicate your design work engagingly through prototypes, sketches, design documents, renders and pitch presentations.

Live projects with illustrious brands will give you real-world design experience. Our professionally-active lecturers and technicians will offer exceptional industry insight and enable you to identify areas where design could have a significant and positive impact in social, economic and environmental contexts. You will also gain access to unrivalled, state-of-the-art prototyping and 3D printing equipment. 

When you graduate from BA Hons Product Design, you will have the tools to develop products that push boundaries, so you can thrive in this innovative sector. 


Key study topics

  • Concept generation
  • How to manage ideas
  • User research: how to understand people's needs
  • Prototyping
  • Ideas to market: selling a vision

The specifics

Alumni stories

Alumni story

How to Succeed as a UX consultant in Product Design by Julie Zoe

How to Succeed as a UX consultant in Product Design

Worldstar Packaging Awards 2020 - Student Awards

Holly Grounds receives her Worldstar Award during virtual ceremony

Worldstar Packaging Awards 2020 - Student Awards

Holly Grounds wins Worldstar Award for her Steam pods product

In the media

Top design award from Ford of Europe

Top design award for Ravensbourne student

Calum Gambrill, BA (Hons) Product Design student, came up with an idea for an accessible and inclusive taxi service and won a prestigious award. 

Read the full story...


Staff in the Kit Store

Kit Store at Ravensbourne

As a digital student, you'll need access to equipment relevant to your course that will support your learning.

The Kit Store provides a wide range of equipment that students can borrow to complete their projects. Staff can also borrow equipment to deliver their practical sessions. 

It houses a wide range of equipment from industry standard manufacturers, including cameras, audio, lighting, and more.

Staff at the Kit Store are trained in various relevant departments and are available to give advice on all the equipment within the store, to help you realise your project.

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Prototyping suite

Prototyping suite

Our rapid prototyping suite helps students to turn ideas into realistic proofs of concept with the use of state-of-the-art 2d and 3d printing and fabrication.

Students can run off a working 3d prototype in less than a day, laser cut a range of 2d and 3d printed materials or use the latest dye-sublimation fabric printers to add incredible patterns to fabric.

We also have one of the world’s first and best multi-material Polyjet printers to produce detailed and precise prototypes that have a final-product look and feel.

Training is provided on specialist equipment and our helpful and friendly staff are on hand to support you in turning your ideas into working prototypes.

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Student using the materials library

Materials library

The Ravensbourne materials library is curated by Material ConneXion, a business that introduces brands to the latest material innovations.

The materials scientists at Material ConneXion select innovative materials relevant to the courses at Ravensbourne and that reflect current trends in design and manufacturing.

Samples of these materials are then added to the library so students and staff can browse the physical collection for inspiration, material ideas and applications.

The library hosts 1,500 material samples and an interactive table for further research and access to the Material ConneXion database.

External visitor information

If you wish to come and see the materials library and have a short tour, please contact us to organise.

The materials library can be used by external students registered with the SCONUL access scheme.

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Girl sitting in library

Library at Ravensbourne

The Ravensbourne University library has a large collection of print, online and multimedia resources available for staff and students to use.

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