Nazma Khatun Product Design alumni

Nazma Khatun


The first time I attended New Designers in 2012 I met a designer called Philip Pearce. Looking at his project I learnt how product design can be used to make a positive impact on an individual.  Between then and making my university course decision, my interest in design continued to grow and I was learning more about how product design is used to benefit the environment and people. I wanted to be part of the impact through design and it seemed obvious to me that choosing Product Design as a university degree would be ideal.

There are one too many good memories of my time at Ravensbourne to look back and pinpoint to just one. But I would have to say the first day of my degree show was my most favourite memory. I had a mixture of feelings on that day: happiness, excitement,  sadness that my undergraduate degree was over but most importantly I was overwhelmed with pride.  I was able to stand back and look at the quality of work that I had produced and was extremely proud as to how far I had come as a designer and how my peers and tutors had shaped me to be the designer I am today.

I completed a summer internship with Burgopack before starting my 3rd year.  This allowed me to understand more about time management, how important it is to be able to tell a story about my final designs or product, or even just being able to strongly justify why I had made certain design decisions.

I am currently working at an advertising agency called Proximity World Wide as a 3D Junior Designer. On a typical day, I’d usually be producing sketches, CAD models, renders which are then edited in Photoshop, and technical drawings (after client approval).  The work ranges from toolkits for launching new products, festivals, trade shows and small installations. Trying to compromise with clients in order to meet their needs when there are several factors affecting the final design outcome is very challenging.

Time management is key! You need to have the ability to prioritise work in an efficient manner. The skills I’ve needed in my job also include sketching and being able to produce technical drawings, presenting, software skills including excellent communication and listening skills.

BA (Hons) Product Design
Year of graduation: 2017