Materials library

Student using the materials library

Advances in the technology are paving the way for the creation of new and innovative materials that push the limits of design. To keep our students at the very forefront of this evolution, Ravensbourne’s Materials Library provides a tactile playground for students to experiment and play with different textures and materials.

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To support students with their research and projects, our Materials Library includes a vast encyclopaedia of samples. The library is curated by Material ConneXion, a business that introduces brands to the latest material innovations.

Students have access to an array of materials that are both relevant to their courses and reflect current trends in design and manufacturing.

Students and staff can browse through samples of materials in the physical collection for inspiration, material ideas and applications.

The library hosts over 1,500 material samples for further research and provides access to the Material ConneXion database. The database has information on more than 7,500 materials and design processes in a variety of fields of design. Over 40 new materials are added to the database collection every month.

Materials library Ravensbourne