BA (Hons) Animation with Year 0

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Student work Animation

Year 0 in animation encourages creativity, imagination and new ways of making, thinking and documenting. If you are not quite ready for year one of our three year undergraduate degree then this course is for you.

Student work

Undergraduate student work on Animation course

Wind Knots and British Folklore student work video

Animation by Alice and Victoria Geary, music by James Fawcett, sound design by Fionn Lucas.

showcase of animation students work at degree show

BA (Hons) Animation

Students showcase their work at the Ravensbourne Degree Show

Undergraduate student work on animation course

BA (Hons) Animation

Student work entitled 'Cultivate Your Thirst'

Undergraduate work on the animation course

BA (Hons) Animation

Student work entitled 'Routemaster'.

Undergraduate work on the animation course

BA (Hons) Animation

Student work entitled 'Sanctuary in the Clouds'

What can this course do for me?

Year 0 in animation is not a standalone course, it is the first stage of a full bachelor’s degree and once successfully completed you will be able to progress smoothly into our BA (Hons) Animation. Here are just a few of our success stories...

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Our alumni

Facilities available on this course

woman sat working at imac suite

iMac suite at Ravensbourne

iMac suite at Ravensbourne University - ideal for design students and computing students.

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Student using the materials library

Materials library

The Ravensbourne materials library is curated by Material ConneXion, a business that introduces brands to the latest material innovations.

The materials scientists at Material ConneXion select innovative materials relevant to the courses at Ravensbourne and that reflect current trends in design and manufacturing.

Samples of these materials are then added to the library so students and staff can browse the physical collection for inspiration, material ideas and applications.

The library hosts 1,500 material samples and an interactive table for further research and access to the Material ConneXion database.

External visitor information

If you wish to come and see the materials library and have a short tour, please contact us to organise.

The materials library can be used by external students registered with the SCONUL access scheme.

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Girl sitting in library

Library at Ravensbourne

The Ravensbourne University library has a large collection of print, online and multimedia resources available for staff and students to use.

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Staff in the Kit Store

Kit Store at Ravensbourne

As a digital student, you'll need access to equipment relevant to your course that will support your learning.

The Kit Store provides a wide range of equipment that students can borrow to complete their projects. Staff can also borrow equipment to deliver their practical sessions. 

It houses a wide range of equipment from industry standard manufacturers, including cameras, audio, lighting, and more.

Staff at the Kit Store are trained in various relevant departments and are available to give advice on all the equipment within the store, to help you realise your project.

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