Technical tutor_Sanjay Sen

Sanjay Sen


Sanjay has a long history at Ravensbourne University. Once a former student himself, he now inspires others to embark on their own journey into animation. 

He counts his studies at Ravensbourne as a crucial learning path that prepared him for a masters in computer animation at Bournemouth University, and then on to industry where he worked at MPC.

He has worked on feature films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Exodus: Gods and Kings and The Legend of Tarzan as a Crowd TD. He also made asset pipeline tools for the Jungle Book remake.

He has also worked in Framestore commercials such as a Rigging/Pipeline TD before returning to Ravensbourne.

He helps students to identify their own unique style to stand out in industry, in both artistic nature and innovation.


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Technical tutor