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From gripping TV dramas to big budget films, British TV and film is a force to be reckoned with. The two sectors are a major contributor to the UK economy, with UK film contributing over £4.6 billion of UK GDP annually and the TV production industry worth around £3 billion a year in revenue.

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The UK film industry has worldwide appeal, the sector supports over 117,000 jobs and is responsible for producing homegrown blockbusters such as Harry Potter, the Bond series and Star Wars.

Alongside world-class acting, directing, editing and production, the UK is also leading the way in visual effects. CGI sensations such as Gravity and The Dark Knight were all created by UK-based VFX houses. It also provides a backdrop for many familiar film locations - from historical cobbled streets to gritty urban scenes and and places of natural beauty.

Careers in film and television vary greatly in scope and can range from anything from broadcaster to cameraman and from director to production and location manager.

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Ravensbourne coverage in Broadcast

Broadcast Magazine, January 2020

Ravensbourne University unveils student-run TV channel

Ravensbourne University London has launched a pop-up TV channel called RaveTV with the tagline, ‘By students, for students’.

The channel is being run by BA (Hons) Digital Television Production and BSc (Hons) Digital Television Technology students and will broadcast online at RaveTV and on Freeview channel 792.

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