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British animators have created some of the world’s best-loved characters, from Peppa Pig, Bagpuss and Bob the Builder. And we have a host of celebrated illustrators to our name too; from Judith Kerr to the legendary Sir Quentin Blake. All have provided an important source of cultural identity.

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Visual communication, as the name suggests, is all about conveying ideas that can be seen. The different visual mediums used to convey a message are broad in spectrum and include the likes of typography, illustration and animation. 

The designers and creators that work in this visual realm are experts in capturing the imagination of the audience and bringing to life the weird and wonderful. They can inject energy and intrigue into the seemingly dull and mundane and solve problems through the use of symbolism. 

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The Creative Industries

Visual communication is a vital part of the creative and screen industries and features in a wide range of films, programmes and books for audiences of all ages. 

If you take into account the likes of children's books and DVDs, as well as visual film and television, the sector has an overall value of around £911.9 million.

As well as working across film, television and publishing, visual communicators are becoming increasingly in demand in the visual effects industry (VFX) as well as in app development and gaming.

With such a broad scope of work, visual artists can find employment in roles spanning illustration to animation and from graphic design to printmaking and game design.

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