Course overview

  • Starts: Sept 2021 / Sept 2022
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Mode: Full time
  • UCAS code: WQ15
  • Fees: UK: £9,250 / INT: £16,500

Ideal for: creatives keen to harness their skills and connections to thrive in the world of character animation

Bring characters and stories to life.

Can you push the boundaries of animation? Based in the heart of London's creative district and with excellent industry links, our BA Honours Animation degree explores the interplay between movement and narrative. You will examine how the two elements flow together to engage the audience and create a compelling story. With opportunities for mentorships with top industry players, let our experts sharpen your natural talent and turn passion into profession.

Student work

Animation Course Promo - March 2021

Our showreel

animated picture of a tiger

An example of our student's work

Student animation work

An example of our student's work

Undergraduate work on the animation course

Student work entitled 'Sanctuary in the Clouds'

Undergraduate work on the animation course

Student work entitled 'Routemaster'

Example of student work on the BA (Hons) Animation 2020 course

Example of student work

Why study this animation degree?

  1. Learn within one of the top academic institutions in London, UK
  2. Opportunities to collaborate on live briefs within industry
  3. First-class teaching from experienced staff and industry experts
  4. Work on creative projects that nurture individuals to excel
  5. Excellent location with a host of animation studios on the doorstep
  6. Tap into exceptional industry connections

The UK’s animation industry is a global success story. In a world where visual communication is the norm, animators are in high demand whether in TV, film, gaming, corporate films, advertising or the media.

Through studying this exciting animation degree course, you will acquire the technical skills, insight and platform to apply your creative talent to a successful career in character animation. You will think on your feet, respond to live and self-initiated briefs, and utilise a mix of practice and theory-based learning, including: seminars, workshops, industry masterclasses, individual tutorials and self-directed study.

You will explore a range of character animation techniques, including the fundamentals, body mechanics and performance. You will also adopt digital development skills in asset and rigging creation, together with storytelling techniques, life drawing, physical prototyping, research and idea development, communication and presentation. You will also examine the medium using industry-standard software, including Maya and the Adobe Suite.

Working in a creative environment, you will work collaboratively with other students to tackle creative briefs and bring ideas to life. You will be welcomed into a supportive community comprising industry experts and graduate mentors in a dynamic, creative hub. 

During this three-year animation course in London, you will acquire the technical skills and insight to succeed in a career in 2D and 3D animation. You will be granted access to industry-quality software and produce an assessed portfolio of work, so you’re ready to enter the professional world of animation with confidence and know-how. 

Student voices

Image of student's home setup

Let's hear from...

First-year student Marcus Ayrton shares his thoughts on the course and his Ravensbourne experience.

Second year student Keith presents to the camera

Let's hear from...

Second-year student Keefe Wagstaff shares his thoughts on the course and his Ravensbourne experience.

Screenshot of student's desktop showing animation work in progress

Let's hear from...

Third-year student Armand St. Croix shares his thoughts on the course and his Ravensbourne experience.

Key study topics

The BA (Hons) Animation degree uses a blend of practice and theory-based learning. You will be introduced to a range of animation practices. These include: conceptualisation, digital development skills, asset creation, character animation techniques, scripting, storytelling techniques and life drawing. It also includes physical prototyping, communication and presentation, research and idea development.

Key topics:

  • Contemporary culture
  • Animation fundamentals
  • Modelling to camera
  • Human and creature mechanic
  • Visual narrative
  • Big ideas and philosophies
  • Character modelling and rigging
  • Animation industry


The specifics


Facilities and industry

Our facilities are open to every student

Our facilities are open to every student

One of the best things about our facilities is that they are open to all students no matter what course they are studying.

Watch the video and then scroll through the gallery to see what else you could use.

Animation student working in the lab

Our industry-ready animation lab

Our animation lab, a safe space for students to explore, experiment and learn. 

BA (Hons) Animation students working in the lab

BA (Hons) Animation students working in the lab

BA (Hons) Animation students working in the lab.

Animation students in the animation lab

Our students meet actor Bruce MacKinnon

Our students completed a workshop with professional actor Bruce MacKinnon, designed to help animators get the most realistic performances possible out of their characters.

Crowd of students pose for a photo

BA (Hons) Animation students with actor Bruce MacKinnon

Animation students attend BlueZoo

Blue Zoo animation visit

Ravensbourne students enjoy a visit to Blue Zoo Animation studio where they heard some useful tips from the friendly staff and an insight into workflows and techniques.   

Animation students at Radio 4

Animation students at Radio 4

BA (Hons) Animation students

BA (Hons) Animation students

animation class

animation class

showcase of animation students work at degree show

Ravensbourne Degree Show

Every year, our students showcase their work at the Degree Show. It's fantastic opportunity to celebrate their journey and share work with both industry and their family and friends.

Alumni stories

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