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BA (Hons) User-Experience and User-Interface (UX / UI) Design

User-experience (UX) and user-interface (UI) design are challenging, multi-disciplinary activities that create the overarching experience and functionality of every aspect of a product or service.

The role of the UX / UI designer in the design of products and services has become increasingly vital within the digital realm. The creative industries employ UX designers to create conceptual and over-arching experiences both on and off screen. UI designers are employed for the visual, information and interactive design on screen across a variety of applications that include websites, apps, mobiles and augmented reality as well as product and installation design, wearable technology, and the Internet of Things.

What you
need to know

Entry requirements

Students will normally be expected to possess five GCSEs (grade C/level 4 or above) or equivalent (including English) and also to hold at least one of the below or equivalent UK or international qualifications.

Qualifications accepted:

  • 2 A levels, grade C or above
  • 4 AS levels, grade C or above
  • 2 vocational A levels, grade C or above
  • Level 3 Foundation Diploma or National Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma, grade C or above
  • International Baccalaureate, 28 points or above

Selection criteria

Students should ideally have a background in art, creative media, or design.

We welcome applicants who are able to demonstrate their abilities through the submission of a relevant portfolio showing their skills, abilities and suitability to the course.

When assessing if an applicant meets our entry requirements we may also consider the combination of a portfolio and academic qualifications, progress made during studies and/or relevant work experience.

Read our interview and portfolio advice.

Course structure

Year 1

This design-led introduction explores core competencies in graphic and information design and in design and coding for the web. You will begin to learn the fundamental skills of the UX and UI designer in the structuring of visual information and start to develop a fundamental digital skill-set. A programme of industry practitioners and speakers supplements and enhances the core delivery.

Year 2

Explores more advanced interactivity through play and experimentation in coding. Encouraging a personal approach, the course enables and supports the application of both individual and group design propositions to real-world and imagined scenarios.

Year 3

The culmination of three years of study is channelled into practical projects, increasingly professional in scope. A range of self- directed project solutions form the basis, along with a major project, of the final body of work appropriate to applied contexts within the creative industries.


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Service design
  • Exhibition design
  • Information design
  • Data visualisation
  • Creative technologist
  • Front-end development
  • Web design
  • Digital design
  • Visual design
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Creative production
  • Education
  • Research

This course explores the importance of designing for the end-user experience with intuitive user interfaces. You will explore an understanding of what constitutes UX and UI design and the elements that make for positive UX and UI design on websites and mobile applications. You will learn how the four most important aspects of UX and UI design: usability, interaction design, visual design and information architecture are professionally identified, investigated, informed and interrogated.

You will develop and create an individual portfolio of inspiring and resolved projects based on user-centred research and design experimentation that will showcase both your creative and analytical design-thinking skills and your technical expertise. Creating tomorrow’s industry-ready UX and UI designers, this course identifies and enables the traits, experiences and characteristics that UX and UI designers must possess.

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