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Behind the scenes on the Digital Film Technology undergraduate course

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When it come to innovation in tech, the UK sets the bar high. Our tech sector remains the very best in Europe and is now demanding attention on the global stage, with £10.1 billion invested into UK tech companies in 2019.

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Compared to the rest of the UK economy, the digital technology sector is leaps and bounds ahead, growing nearly six times faster increasing from £104 billion in 2010 to £149 billion in 2018.

Employment in the sector continues to grow at an impressive rate - in 2018 there were 2.93 million tech jobs in the UK, accounting for 9% of the national workforce.

London is spearheading the tech-evolution for the whole of Europe, with a higher amount of investment than Berlin, Munich and Paris combined.

The ability to understand and shape technology is an increasingly sought after skill. If you're the type of person who enjoys having an impact straight away, studying or retraining in the many courses available with in this subject could well be for you.

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Creative Industries

Digital technology is an area which is experiencing massive growth - there has been an 150% increase in demand for roles within this space in the past four years.

Jobs in this space are broad in scope and can encompass anything from digital film production to digital photography and user interface design.

Those working in digital technology are at the very forefront of tech-innovation and can find work within many different sectors - from advertising to television and from education to fashion.

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Education Technology Ravensbourne coverage

Education Technology Ravensbourne coverage

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The Big Issue, January 2020

UK’s first radio station run by homeless youngsters launches today

The UK’s first radio station run by homeless people has been launched to give homeless people a sustained voice on the airwaves.

Organisers Accumulate also partnered with tutors from Ravensbourne University London to share their digital expertise while students helped with branding and visualisation.

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