Ravensbourne’s Aspire scheme introduces flexible bursaries

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Ravensbourne has partnered with student supplies store John Smith to replace their laptop bursary with a flexible scheme called Aspire. New full-time undergraduate students enrolling in Autumn 2023 will now be able to split their bursary across the hundreds of products available on the Aspire website.

New undergraduate students will receive £100 credited to a Ravensbourne Student Aspire account. The account will be activated at enrolment, with no application necessary, and the funds will be credited to the account within 4 weeks of the date of enrolment. Students can then visit the Aspire website to purchase a laptop, cameras, specialist accessories, books and much more at discounted prices. Students can double check the recommended laptops for their courses here.

The Aspire account can be topped up throughout the year, with students being able to access their reading lists and purchase the corresponding books on the website.

As well as the £100, an extra £400 will be credited to Ravensbourne Student Aspire accounts for students with a declared household income of £25,000p/a or less.  You will receive your funds within 4 weeks of enrolment. 

You can find out more about our bursaries and scholarships here.