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We value a rich and sustained engagement with our industry partners. We support creative leadership and innovation through partnerships, conversations and connections with industry.

We deliver seamless purpose led collaborations that spearhead students insights and creativity to create change for the industry and your organisation. With the support of Ravensbourne, our partners strive to make the industry a more inclusive and diverse space that ensures future generations can thrive.

For students

We give students a voice, an opportunity and real authentic experiences that can make a difference for themselves and their peers.

For partners

We offer invaluable insights & research. Access to raw diverse talent. You can offer the next generation the chance to change the world around them

We measure success based on organic impact and actionable change that aligns with your objectives

We are different to other institutions because we are consistently driving an innovative and transformative way of thinking. We get the industry because we’re from it.

How to partner with us?

We have a bespoke, strategic and multi layered approach to all our partnerships. This includes opportunities across;

• Creative Lab

• Knowledge Exchange and Research

• StartUp Lab

• Kick Start Online courses (more information coming soon)

• Work Based Learning (more information coming soon)

• Student & course sponsorship (more information coming soon)


Contact us

Please contact Jess Lewis if you have any questions about getting involved.