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This Digital Content Creation degree course is about developing skills in the art of documentary filmmaking. You could be working on a large television series filmed across the globe, or self-writing, shooting and directing a short factual film about something meaningful to you.

As well as endless tales and viewpoints to be told, there are a wealth of digital content platforms and recording devices designed to augment your story and help you convey it to the masses. The power of storytelling is absolute and resolute.

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What can this course do for me?

This digital content degree course will instil in you the practical and theoretical knowledge of the industry, with a spotlight on factual content. You will gain key insights on the entire workflow – pre-production, production and post-production – while focusing on small and single-person crews.

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The undergraduate programme will provide bespoke and contemporary knowledge delivered by a team of industry professionals, who will equip you with the essential skills to produce films to a high standard. The Digital Content Creation course will also offer professionally-recognised qualifications to help you plot your route into this evolving and fascinating industry.

The emphasis of the degree is based around location-based production, focusing on documentary and short-form content for TV and online platforms. Potential clients are diverse and wide-ranging – from a museum that requires installation videos to a TV production company making a series for a VOD channel, such as Netflix.

The key digital content skills that form the basis for the curriculum include: idea development and pitching, directing and camera skills, editing, business skills and the theory and context of factual documentary.

When you graduate with a BA (Hons) degree in Digital Content Creation, your career avenues may include: Shooting Producer/Director, Field Director, 'Preditor' (all-in- one film-maker who shoots, directs and edits) or Cameraperson, to name just a few. 

Stories are so ingrained in our culture and human psyches. Are you ready to become a vehicle for change through digital storytelling and documentary making? 

BA (Hons) Digital Content Creation

BA (Hons) Digital Content Creation

Behind the scenes on the Editing and Post Production undergraduate course

Editing and post-production facilities

BA (Hons) Digital Content Creation

BA (Hons) Digital Content Creation


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