Course overview

  • Starts: 2022
  • Duration: FT 1 year | PT 2 years
  • Mode: Full-time or part-time
  • Fees: UK: FT £10,400 | PT £5,200 / INT: FT £17,000 | PT £8,500
  • Location: The Institute

Ideal for: experienced professionals looking to understand the global success factors of smart luxury

Redefining luxury for Industry 4.0.

Our master's in Luxury Brand Management will enable you to blend design thinking and innovation models to redefine the luxury sector for the customer of tomorrow. Armed with customer market data, you will engineer new ways to influence the relationship between luxury brands, high-value services, consumer and market behaviours.

In a recent survey, our postgraduate courses scored 91% student satisfaction for creativity and design, and 93% satisfaction overall.*

*Source: *Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, 2020

Why study this course?

Why study MA Luxury Brand Management video

Why study MA Luxury Brand Management?

What are the benefits of studying PG at Ravensbourne video

What are the benefits of studying here?

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Why study this master's in Luxury Brand Management ?

  1. Help redefine the contemporary fashion marketplace
  2. Become a decisive leader 
  3. See your creative visions come to life
  4. Tap into exceptional industry connections
  5. Explore factors behind disruptive movements in smart luxury
  6. Augment your skill set to stand tall in a highly competitive sector
  7. Study in a stunning new building in London's Design District
  8. Be a legacy-maker for The Institute of Creativity and Technology

In our unique MA Luxury Brand Management course in London, you will marry creativity and innovation models with an in-depth understanding of the success factors behind smart luxury and the products, services and experiences that have arisen as a result.

With the advent of new technology, luxury markets are more competitive and complex than ever. You will explore the context and influences behind these shifts and help redefine what luxury means in a global context and in the era of Industry 4.0. You will learn to effectively analyse customer market data and really get under the skin of the luxury customer of today and tomorrow. 

Do you wish to master the tools and strategies to thrive as a decisive leader in the global luxury market? Once you’ve graduated from our one-year Luxury Brand Management degree, you’ll have everything you need to launch and accelerate a successful career in the world of luxury, whether it's in fashion, travel, wellbeing or other areas of future luxury.  

    Student work

    MA Fashion Design, Management and Innovation work

    Coursework by Anna Jonsson

    Fashion Design, Management and Innovation work

    Flow and Dots by Anna Jonsson

    MA Fashion Design, Management and Innovation work

    MA Fashion Design, Management and Innovation course work

    MA Fashion Design, Management and Innovation work

    MA Fashion Design, Management and Innovation course work

    Unfold: Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

    Unfold: Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

    Ravensbourne in collaboration with CreativeLab, launched Unfold in September 2019, a multidisciplinary exhibition that showcased the work of our postgraduate students.

    Disciplines collaborated closely throughout the year to develop projects that interrogate, explore and critique a broad range of contemporary design issues.

    Students brought diverse prior experiences to their practice, and while applying this to their projects, they considered how they could move their disciplines forward.

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    Key study topics

    • Develop knowledge and research on the luxury sector, especially emergent markets in the BRIC countries, as well as current lead sectors in Europe and North America 

    • Develop a framework for designing a unique brand concept and identity supported by a branding strategy for generating commercial, social and environmental value

    • Explore the context, scale, scope and shift in strategies within the luxury landscape – its territories, economics, design style and experiential influences

    • Define ‘future luxury’ in the 21st century in terms of products, services and experience

    Learning outcomes

    After studying for your MA in Luxury Brand Management, you will:

    • Have the confidence and experience to accelerate your career in luxury brand management 
    • Have the capacity to evaluate in-depth data to paint a clear picture of the future luxury customer
    • Marry design thinking with innovation models to help redefine what luxury means for the customer of tomorrow


    The specifics

    Creativity. It's institutional.

    The Institute for Creativity and Technology

    When you study MA Luxury Brand Management, you will join a diverse community of enterprising creatives in a stunning new building teeming with creativity and endeavour. Opening in 2021, The Institute for Creativity and Technology connects academics, researchers and postgraduate students with industry partners to explore the interplay between creativity and technology for education, industry and society.

    Located in the heart of London’s creative hub, the Design District, its impossible not to be inspired by the passionate minds, creative sparks and rich culture that surrounds you.


    The Institute Cover Image

    Introduction: our Institute of Creative Technology

    Cityscape image taken from top of Institute building

    Cityscape view taken from the Institute roof

    Image taken by building and refurbishment contractor, Troy.

    Institute for Creativity and Technology building from the outside

    Where you'll be studying

    Access expert talks:

    Industry leaders discuss creativity, technology and innovation

    In conversation series of talks for Ravensbourne

    Introducing the In Conversation series

    Paul Sternberg, Director of Postgraduate Studies, gives you a warm welcome to the In Conversation series. 

    Speakers from across the creative spectrum talk to him about how they've overcome obstacles to turn ideas into reality and shape their own futures.

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