New starters

January 2023

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Welcome to Ravensbourne University London!

We are pleased you are joining us and look forward to meeting you all. Here you'll find important information about your enrolment, timetables, induction, and term start dates.

Two-step enrolment process

You must complete the two-step enrolment process before you can start your studies with us.

Step one - online enrolment

All new students must complete online enrolment before arriving in person.  You can enrol via this link.  You will need the username and password given to you in your invitation to enrol email.  

Step two - in person enrolment

On your first day at Ravensbourne you will need to visit the Enrolment Centre to complete your in-person enrolment.  

UK and Irish nationals will need to bring:

proof of identity - either passport, driving licence, government issued photocard or birth certificate.

International students will need to bring:

  • Entry clearance visa (stamped by the border control officer).  If your visa did not get stamped at the border control, please bring a copy of your flight ticket, train ticket (travel itinerary) or boarding pass, or
  • Online Immigration Status together with your itinerary: flight ticket, train ticket or boarding pass, plus
  • Passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit Card (BRP card)
  • Confirmation of your UK telephone number and postal address.

Once you have completed your in-person enrolment you will be given your Student ID and instructions on how to set up your Ravensbourne IT account.

Important note: You will not be able to attend any lessons until you have completed in-person enrolment.

Key dates

Welcome week: 16-23 January 2023

Start of semester one: 23 January 2023   

Need a little help enrolling online?

We are here to help

If you are having any issues with the enrolment process please email us or attend one of our drop-in sessions.

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