Knowledge Exchange and Research

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Promoting a culture of collaboration, innovation, and interdisciplinary exchange

What we do:

At Ravensbourne, knowledge exchange is embedded in everything we do. We are dedicated to building partnerships with other institutions, industry partners and the wider community. 

This is what we do:

  1. Deliver impactful knowledge exchange and research projects that focus on collaborative and inclusive exchanges with industry, academia, public sector and the community

  2. Ensure our knowledge exchange and research positively impacts society and the economy

  3. Support staff, students, graduates and partners in their knowledge exchange and research ambitions

  4. Work with local, national and international communities on innovative knowledge exchange and research initiatives

  5. Pursue funding opportunities that foster innovation and celebrate excellence. 


In Pursuit of Luxury podcast

In Pursuit of Luxury

In Pursuit of Luxury is an internationally focused omni channel consortium of industry and academia that brings together diverse disciplines to encourage thinking outside of established boundaries. 


On the In Pursuit of Luxury podcast, influencers, thinkers and industry insiders share their stories. They are asked the same set of questions, revealing a breadth of perspectives on society, consumption, trends and of course attitudes to luxury. 


Dr Shaun Borstrock

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Modeclix is a 3D printed textile that can be used to make an array of different types of flexible products, from clothing and accessories to toys and interior decorations.

Its innovation is in its ability to be infinitely deconstructed and then reconstructed by hand after printing. This enables Modeclix to simply be re-configured, re-purposed, repaired and recycled at any time. This extends both its use and the products lifecycle. 

Modeclix is a modular design solution that encourages customers to be part of a community that is concerned about the impact their behaviour is having on the planet. 


Adam Andrascik