BSc (Hons) Creative Computing 2021

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The UK tech sector is thriving - it has outshone the rest of the economy growing two-and-a-half times as fast.
London is the epicentre for this tech-evolution ranking as the second most connected place in the world, behind only Silicon Valley in the US.

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One area of the tech sector that has experienced considerable growth in the last few years is cloud computing. It is now estimated to be worth around £9 billion and at the end of 2016.

Approximately 60% of all global IT spending is now cloud-related, and three of the four largest companies worldwide are cloud providers: Amazon, Microsoft and Google. More and more companies are understanding the need to find cloud-based solutions to hold and protect their data.

Ambitious businesses are also exploring the cloud's potential for adopting technology such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Creative Industries

Experts in creative computing are being called upon to craft new and improved digital experiences and to make emerging technologies accessible for wider audiences.

As well as the widespread adoption of new cloud-based technology across all sectors and industries, there has never been a more crucial time for businesses to examine their cyber defences.

With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated by the day, the cyber-security industry in response is booming.

Cyber-security experts are in increasingly high demand and must leverage the most innovative technology to prevent attacks and stay ahead of the game.

Graduates in these fields can look to secure work in many different roles from cloud engineer to programmer and from cyber analyst to web developer.