Molly Smith - Advertising and Brand Design alumna

Molly Smith


Molly studied on the BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Design course and graduated in 2019. Her creative talents became apparent after she was offered a full-time position at social media agency, Influence Digital after completing an internship with them during her studies. She quickly proved herself in the role and became an account manager at the agency after two short years.

During her time at Ravensbourne, Molly built a solid group of friends that she was able to bounce ideas off, turn to for support and gain creative inspiration from. The real-life exposure to industry she was given on her course, gave her the confidence she needed to take her skills out into the real world and thrive.

We caught up with Molly to tell us more about her Ravensbourne experience and what she has been up to since she graduated.


What you have done since graduating? Where are you working and what does your typical day look like?  

Just before I graduated, I was invited to return to Influence Digital, a social media agency that I had interned at in the summer between my second and third years at Ravensbourne. Uncertain of what I wanted to do once I'd graduated, within one month of leaving Ravensbourne, I accepted the offer and started working at the agency full time. Just over two-and-a-half years later, I am still working here.

Having worked my way up from an intern, I've recently been promoted to an account manager at the agency. As an account manager, my role is to take the lead on client communications on all the accounts I work on, as well as plan, execute and report on social media campaigns.

My typical day is a mixture of all the above. It's a great balance of being both strategic and reactive. For me personally, it combines the ideal balance of being creative, yet data driven.

What initially appealed to you about Ravensbourne and your chosen degree?  

The industry links Ravensbourne have really impressed me, both on my course and across the university. Throughout all my education, I have enjoyed both academic and creative subjects, so I ideally wanted a next step that combined the two. That's why the BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Design course really caught my attention.

I really liked the combination of creativity, writing and strategic thinking. This, the industry links and the location of the university when considering graduate jobs, meant Ravensbourne really was the perfect option for me. Ravensbourne was also the first and only open day I attended! 

What do you think you gained at Ravensbourne that you wouldn't have got studying somewhere else?  

You definitely won't get the industry links that are available at Ravensbourne anywhere else! 

I landed the internship at Influence Digital through a university-wide scheme that encouraged students to come together to answer one of several briefs set by different agencies. My group pitched our proposal, got invited to the agency for an interview, and I got the job.

I truly believe that being able to show what I had to offer through this route was so much more meaningful and effective than applying for the job in the traditional way with my CV. 

What were your highlights from your time at Ravensbourne, both personally and professionally?  

Personally, I would say the friendships. The university is so tight-knit and is ideal for making some brilliant friends. I guarantee you will make friends who you can join forces with (regardless of the course you're on). Together you can produce some really great collaborative work or just simply admire the skills and passion they have. I've been inspired by all of my friends from Ravensbourne.

Professionally, I think I would say getting the opportunity to pitch to real brands, organisations and agencies. There's so much value in getting to present your work to industry players while you are still at university and within a safe environment to learn and make mistakes. It really inspires you to show off your best work, and you'll develop incredible confidence along the way.

How did Ravensbourne help you achieve your professional goals?  

It was at Ravensbourne where I really developed a liking to working in groups compared to working alone. Since leaving university and starting my professional career, it is these great collaborative skills that have really helped me propel me to where I am today. 

Another key thing that Ravensbourne helped with was my confidence when showcasing my work. Pitching to my course mates and the opportunity to conduct live pitches to brands has really helped to build my belief in my own abilities.

What was student life like?

The best word to describe my student life was, happy! I was so incredibly happy and content as a student. Ravensbourne always had a buzz about the place and you could normally always find a friend in the building. All the staff were very approachable and supportive, too. Also, I had the best time living with friends too. It was just a really fun three years.

Were you working while you were studying? If so, what did you do?

Throughout my first and second years at Ravensbourne, I worked part time as a retail assistant at Next. In my third year, I would occasionally support my course leader by conducting course interviews for prospective students, as well as talk through sessions and be a course rep for the open days. I thought this was a great paid opportunity.

What were your favourite classes? 

My favourite classes would be the last few sessions before you pitch your work - you're past the technical lectures and you're refining your projects ready to present. I always felt that this was the time where there was the most buzz.

By this point, the class would be complimenting and/or giving a few final points of feedback to each other and you would begin to feel really proud of the work you and your team had produced.

Do you have any advice for prospective students?  

Attend the open day and prepare to be inspired! Ask lots of questions, take in all the cool work and imagine yourself having the best time for three years. Ravensbourne definitely ticks all those boxes.