Dr Dinesh Mothi PhD


Dinesh Mothi is the Course Leader for both the Undergraduate and Masters Cybersecurity programs at Ravensbourne University London. In this role, he is responsible for the ongoing development and organisation of these courses, as well as for enhancing the overall student experience. Through his teaching, Dinesh integrates ethical principles such as honesty, integrity, objectivity, impartiality, and compassion, instilling these values in his students to prepare them as responsible citizens and leaders in their respective domains.

With over 20 years of combined experience in both industry and academia, Dinesh is deeply passionate about educating others in digital forensics at all academic and professional levels. He strongly emphasises the importance of imparting the necessary knowledge to his students, recognising its critical role in fields like forensics, where our primary responsibility lies with the court and the administration of justice.

Beyond his teaching responsibilities, Dinesh is actively engaged in advancing the field of digital forensics through research and innovation. Currently, he is actively engaged in digital forensic research and collaborates closely with both internal and external stakeholders to advance the knowledge of digital forenscis. His expertise spans across digital forensics, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, reflecting his multifaceted approach to tackling the challenges and opportunities in these domains.

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