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Dr Ajaz Ali PHD, MSc, MBA


Ajaz is working with Ravensbourne University London as a Course Director for Digital Television Technology and Computing courses such as Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing and Creative Computing.

Ajaz has vast industrial and academic experience where he developed valuable skills in Digital Technologies. Ajaz has been working with Deloitte, Coventry University Group, Marriott Hotels and a number of higher education institutions for past 15 years.

His special area of interest is emerging technologies, especially use of 5G in broadcasting, healthcare, drones and autonomous vehicles. Ajaz is very keen on personal development of students and believes that students should walk out of a university with three-years work experience instead of just an academic qualification.

This enables high employability and creativity within education and the industry. Ajaz is a big fan of IoT and robotics and uses Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other micro controller as a teaching aid along with programming in Python and other languages.

Ajaz has won numerous awards during his career and participated in various TV shows, seminars, talks and conferences as a panel member. He has recently published papers on uses of 5G technology for healthcare. Ajaz is currently in the process of writing new masters level programmes in computing, broadcasting and data sciences.

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