Digital Television Production alumni Abir Mohammad

Abir Mohammad


Abir is currently working as an office runner on an upcoming Netflix series. He has also recently finished working on a Cbeebies Prom feature film which is due to be released in 2021. 

From a young age, Abir knew that he wanted to work in television. When it came to choosing where to study, it was Ravensbourne’s strong industry links and central London location which helped him reach a decision.

Ravensbourne also offered the hands-on approach to both location and studio-based work which Abir was eager to find.

One of the main benefits that Abir experienced from studying at Ravensbourne was the opportunity to work in groups and collaborate with different students. These connections have led to him securing several job opportunities since graduation.

The course also helped Abir to determine which direction he wanted to take in his career. Commenting on this he said: “I went into the degree with a set idea but came out with many other skills that I didn’t even think I needed, and these have given me the employability that I have today”.

The highlight of Abir’s time at Ravensbourne was the chance to take the role as lead producer at the University’s annual Degree Show event, where he had the chance to work with students across many different disciplines

Achieving professional goals

Studying at Ravensbourne has given Abir the confidence to step up and take on more leadership roles. With support from his tutors, Abir wrote and directed a TV pilot for his final major project, which resulted in him securing a first class degree.

Abir’s advice to other students is to gain as much work experience as possible and make the most of Ravensbourne’s facilities. He concludes: “This is a time in your life when you have more free time than ever before, while having access to many resources through the library and Kit Room - so make the most of them while they’re free”.

BA (Hons) Digital Television Production
Year of graduation: 2019