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Our alumni

What better way to learn about Ravensbourne than from some of our past students?

Visit our Alumni Wall to find out more about what some of our alumni have gone on to achieve since graduating from Ravensbourne.

Rafael Bettega

I graduated in 2014 with an undergraduate degree in editing and post production.

Rafael Bettega

Ravensbourne appealed to me because of the use of high end technology and the infrastructure of having professional tutors who are also engaged in the industry.

Ravensbourne helped me to gain the connections and network to further my professional career. One particular highlight for me was the Industry Day event, where we had the opportunity to meet professionals and learn from their experience and look at work opportunities before leaving university.

I felt the Editing and Post Production course was well matched to my chosen career path.

Before leaving university I was offered a position in the film industry as an assistant editor, joining Asif Kapadia and the team who produced a documentary about the Brazillian F1 racing driver Senna and Amy (Amy Winehouse)

I was very proud to be part of a team who worked on the award winning film Amy which won an Oscar in 2016 in the documentary category. I’m currently waiting to resume work with the Amy crew on our new production a documentary about the infamous Argentinian soccer player Maradona.

My advice to prospective students would be to go get yourself seen and meet as many people as possible. As a student you have the excuse to do so, and once you leave university you will need to contact the people you met to find a job and this will place you many steps ahead of any unknown face.

Kirk Slankard

Kirk Salnkard Fencing2

Kirk Slankard is originally from London and was drawn to the BA (Hons) Architecture course because he felt it was an unique course compared to those available at other universities, especially with its encouragement in taking part in competitions and interaction with professionals.

He is one of six Fencers to be picked for the Fencing World Cup and will part of Team GB at the Brazilian Olympics in 2016, and has also been selected to go to Athens and Chicago for Team GB.

What did you study before coming here and where did you study?

I studied art, math, and physics A-level with further math and product design at As levels, at Bullers Wood school, in Chislehurst.

How did you hear about Ravensbourne?

Through my sixth-form art department and through the open days.

What do you like most about Ravensbourne?

Its location in London and the design, obviously!

How do you like the teachers, resources, support, facilities?

The teachers are great, there is always one of them to talk to about your current project, even at ten o'clock at night.


What opportunities have you had here that you don't think you'd have gotten at other institutions?

The World Architecture Festival is a great event that highlights all the best buildings over the past year looking at car parks to houses. One of the great things is, is that WAF trusts and invites Ravensbourne students to help run the event every year.

What are your proudest moments here?

Educational; helping run WAF in Singapore was pretty special, and socially; taking the first Ravensbourne fencing team to Paris in a international students competition and getting third.

What work placement are you hoping to get?

With who at the moment, I don't know. However, I am very interested in how good design can be carried out through various disciplines.

How do you think this course will help you in the future?

One of the first things I was told in Ravensbourne is that I would probably have a career of over 60 years... I believe with this course I have had a good start!

Natalie Catherine Bell

Natalie BellI graduated in 2015 with a BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion degree.

Major factors that contributed to me wanting to study at Ravensbourne were the ability to study in London, the digital focus of the university (which has been particularly useful during my time in industry), and the alumni.

What I liked about Ravensbourne’s BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion was that I had always wanted to study fashion, but never wanted to study fashion design. Ravensbourne seemed like a perfect fit for me as I had a key interest in business and primarily marketing.

The course allowed me to gain a role in a growing industry that would help me to not only develop my skills further, but allow me to personally develop in terms of self-esteem. And, thanks to my time at Ravensbourne I’ve been able to develop my design skills on programmes such as: the Adobe suite, networking, people skills and collaborate with others whom I may previously not have had the opportunity to network with.

Max Jowitt

Max Jowitt

BA (Hons) Digital Photography student Max Jowitt was selected from over 250 entrants as the winner of the Canon ‘Best Shot’ competition.

What did you study before coming here and where did you study?

I studied A levels in Photography, Geography and Product Design at St. Gregory's School, Tunbridge Wells before life at Ravensbourne.

How did you hear about Ravensbourne?

My sister told me what a great institution it is.

Why did you choose to do this course at Ravensbourne?

Because it is very up-to-date and industry focused, studying at Ravensbourne has enabled me to make good industry contacts

max jowittWhat do you like most about Ravensbourne?

The facilities are fantastic and we are assigned real world industry standard briefs


How do you like the teachers, resources, support, facilities?

The teachers are brilliant and they have provided me with some great opportunities. they not only teach us the technical skills we'll need but also all the other soft skills required to succeed in the industry.

What opportunities have you had here that you don't think you'd of got in other places?

I got to go shoot at London Fashion Weekend.


Ester Kubisz

Ester KubiszI always wanted to do something in the art and commerce industries. I chose a fashion degree because it offered creative freedom but with many commercial opportunities.

I felt the same way about Ravensbourne, I was given all the creative freedom and support but whilst as also being prepped for the industry.

My degree at Ravensbourne helped me to learn the necessary craft and gave me the insight into fashion business practicalities. There were always tutors and technicians present to give us advice or help us with our work.

I received valuable comments from the tutors at the university workshops, where I learned how to express and achieve my vision and how to present my results.

While studying at Ravensbourne (I graduated in 2015) I undertook several internships one of which was with Palmer//Harding with whom I built a long lasting relationship and have been influential in establishing my own label.

Ester Kubisz PhotoThe course at Ravensbourne was different as it was more orientated on industry and we were taught to keep our customer always in mind when designing.

As a student we could enter the building from 6am and stay till 11pm and use all the machines at all times – which was just brilliant especially for fashion students.

One of the highlights at Ravensbourne was presenting my graduate collection during London Graduate Fashion Week. After graduation my graduate collection won Best Garment Design Award at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Central Europe and was exhibited at the On|Off exhibition at London Fashion Week. It was also showcased during Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show and was also selected to be presented at Fashionclash Festival in Maastricht, Netherlands. I am currently working on my own menswear label Ester Kubisz.

My advice to prospective students would be to start working immediately after you receive the brief (saves you a lot of stress), get a lot of work experience and have enough sleep.

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