Naim Heerah alumni on Digital Photography course

Naim Heerah


Since graduating from Ravensbourne in 2019, Naim has become an established product and still life photographer, working with massive brands such as Budweiser, Becks and Corona. It was clear he was destined for great things when in his first year he secured a photography commission at London Fashion Week.

When it came to choosing a university, Naim was initially attracted to Ravensbourne because of its focus on preparing its students for industry. His supportive course tutors and the course structure gave him the skills and the encouragement he needed to develop his creative style and forge his own path in the photography world. 

For Naim, one of the main benefits of studying on the Digital Photography course was that each project was taught as if it was a real live brief. Having professional tutors working in the field also helped ensure that everything taught was up to date and relevant.

The way in which the course was structured helped Naim to explore a broad range of areas within the photography industry. This helped him to discover his own passion for capturing product and still life.

Naim’s advice to other photography students is to not just rely on the briefs that have been set, but also take the time to explore personal shoots.

He concludes: “Don’t be afraid to take risks. Experimenting with different concepts and stepping out of your comfort zone, plus learning from all your successes and failures, will all help to make you a better photographer”.

Digital Photography
Year of graduation: 2019