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Ceewhy Ochoga MSc (Hons), MSc, PgDip


Ceewhy works at Ravensbourne Students Union as the Student Union Manager. Her cumulative experience has endowed her with experience in equality, diversity, and inclusion issues. She enjoys sharing the stories of her struggles and the lessons learned along the way in the hope that it encourages and empowers someone to take the next step.

Ceewhy’s enthusiasm for student activism and engagement began when she was an undergraduate at Middlesex University (Mauritius campus) where she formed the international association as the first student group on the campus in 2011 and was then elected as the first president. One of her significant achievements in Mauritius was working alongside the university to lobby the Mauritian government to give international students the right to work in Mauritius. Ceewhy was also Student Union President and has worked in other student unions over the years.


Student Union Manager
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