Receive hands-on training and earn while you learn

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Apprenticeships are an exciting way to get hands-on training and put your creative skills into practice. You can also earn while you learn, which means you are paid a salary while you are being trained. Ravensbourne offers a number of diverse apprenticeships and paid opportunities with employers such as the BBC, BT and Sky.

How does it work?

Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16 and are are an excellent way for you to improve your skills and progress your career in your chosen area.  

Receive real-world skills 

During your apprenticeship, your employer will decide the structure of your training. It will be designed especially for the job you're training for. So, by the end of the course, you should have gained the qualifications, skills and experience needed to progress in your chosen career.

Wages for apprentices

One of the major benefits of an apprenticeship is that you earn a wage while you are working and studying. 

The amount that you will receive varies depending on the specific apprenticeship. This is worked out by considering factors such as the type of apprenticeship, your age and existing experience and the sector you're working in. 

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Industry partnerships

What is a degree apprenticeship?

Degree apprenticeships are a new type of programme offered by some universities where students can achieve a full bachelor's degree as part of their apprenticeship.

At Ravensbourne, we offer a number of different apprenticeships at undergraduate degree level and are open to exploring new standards as they are developed.

This programme has been developed by Ravensbourne in partnership with sought-after employers such as BBC, Sky and BT. These qualifications are also accredited by official bodies. 

Dividing your time between work and study

The apprenticeships combine working with your employer with studying part-time at Ravensbourne.

This can be on a day-to-day basis or in blocks of time, depending on the programme and requirements of the employer.

Apprenticeships at Ravensbourne

At Ravensbourne we offer a number of different apprenticeships at undergraduate degree.

Why choose Ravensbourne?

There are many advantages to an apprenticeship with Ravensbourne:

  • You can earn a full-time salary while you study – you could get up to £20,000 a year on a degree apprenticeship.
  • Once you have completed your apprenticeship, your valuable work experience will give you the competitive edge for future employment.
  • You will receive all the benefits of an employee, while having the time to complete your training and attend university.
  • You will be assigned a mentor to support you whilst you are training.
  • You will receive all the benefits of being a Ravensbourne student. These include access to our industry-standard facilities such as our Kit Store, state-of-the-art TV and sound studios and library.
  • If you complete a degree apprenticeship, you will graduate with no student debt. This is because your tuition fees are 100% paid for by your employer and the government.
  • If you do a level 6 (degree) apprenticeship, you will receive a degree on completion and graduate like any other university student.
Behind the scenes on the Digital Film Technology undergraduate course

Apprenticeships offered at Ravensbourne

We currently have two apprenticeships on offer at Ravensbourne.

BSc Digital and Technology Solutions

This programme is designed to train apprentices in software engineering and networking engineering pathways. Employers include BT and Bluebell TV.

BSc Broadcast and Media Systems Engineering

This apprenticeship training covers the skills and knowledge required for technical roles within broadcasting, television studios and network. Employers include BBC, Sky and Encompass TV.


Behind the scenes on the Digital Film Technology undergraduate course

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