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US Federal Loans

Ravensbourne is certified by the US Department of Education to provide federal student aid for our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. Ravensbourne’s Federal School Code (FSC) is 042535.

Please read this information carefully before making your application and then do everything in the student applications flowchart in the correct order. The loan application process is not the same for foreign schools and US colleges and different regulations apply for attendance at foreign schools.

The information is relevant to prospective and current undergraduate and postgraduate students. We strongly encourage all current and prospective borrowers to consult the US Department of Education's Student Loan website as it provides all the information about loan entitlement and values that are constantly updated.

The international office administers US federal student loans for both undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at Ravensbourne.

If you require any further information, please email the international team at usloans@rave.ac.uk.

  1. Eligibility

  2. Loan types

  3. Loan amounts

  4. How to apply

  5. Receiving your loan

  6. Frequently asked questions about US student loans

  7. Amend or cancel a loan

  8. Consumer information

  9. Defer a previous loan

  10. Suspend or withdraw, and other changes to your enrolment

  11. Repayment


All US student financial aid is regulated by US federal laws enforced by the US Department of Education. Ravensbourne is responsible for the implementation of these regulations and has little or no discretion therein.

Ravensbourne makes no guarantee that US student financial aidonce approved will not be removed in full at any time either by action of the US Department of Education or by Ravensbourne in implementing US federal regulations.

Important note: All scholarship and student funding schemes are subject to availability of funds, and details given here are subject to change at any time. Potential applicants are urged to check information regularly to ensure they are aware of current procedures, deadlines etc.

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