Ravensbourne students win three Creative Conscience awards

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Article by: David Millett

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Three groups of Ravensbourne BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Design students have won Creative Conscience awards for their environmentally and socially focused branding campaigns.

The winning projects were proposed in response to purpose-led briefs, set by agencies and other members of industry.

Creative Conscience is a creative community and global not-for-profit organisation that believes in using creative thinking and innovation to make positive change. It seeks ideas that will help build 'a more sustainable and regenerative world'.

The three winning BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Design projects are:

  • Lidl Meals – by Nils Bjorkman
  • Mush – by Maksims Julikovs, Isabella Pavitt, and Ella Woodgate
  • Tumbl – by Nick Heights and Nico Sandrew

The level of their awards – gold, silver, or bronze – will be announced at a ceremony on Tuesday 19 September.

Find out more about the projects below!

Paula quote

Lidl Meals

Cardboard lunchboxes for the Lidl meal campaign

Nils created a new, health-focused solution to lunchtime for students with his project ‘Lidl meals’.

You can find out more about this on Nils’s online portfolio. The project was also further recognised by Design Week, featuring as part of its 2023 graduate season coverage!

He said: “I decided to do this project because meal deals are a fundamental part of a student’s life, yet they are unhealthy.

“Current meal deals are outdated, so I wanted to modernise the concept. Upon further research, I found that 21% of British teens are considered obese, and the government wish to halve this number by 2030.

“Therefore, I decided to create a concept that allows students to eat cheap, healthy, and accessible food, directly from vending machines located in universities.

“I had a lot of fun with this project. The graphical language that I created is based on Lidl's existing assets but modernised to receive attention from the audience.

“That this project received a Creative Conscience award is a massive bonus to what already was a fun project. I'm really looking forward to see what prize it receives as well as seeing the other winners’ projects.”


billboards for the mush project talking about food texture

Maksims, Isabella, and Ella made ‘Mush’, a project which focuses on the challenges young people with Autism spectrum Disorder, OCD, and Anxiety Disorder often face due to sensory food aversions.

Maksims said: “The brief for our project was to create a digital product or service aimed at 18-25-year-olds that would help to tackle nutritional or sustainable food issues.

“Our outcome was ‘Mush’, an app-based safe space for people with sensory food aversions to explore new food senses and share their food experiences with others.

“The app would also serve as a meal catalogue, allowing users to explore the specific sensations of meals, and talk about their experiences with others alike; within an official and inviting community.

“To make our target audience feel welcome, we created a playful and approachable aesthetic. Our campaign would involve in-restaurant compatibility, where users could browse dishes within our app in higher detail.

“I was pleasantly speechless when I got the email from creative conscience about winning!”


branding for tumbl with food in packaging

Nico and Nick created ‘Tumbl’, a sustainably sourced vegan fast food chain. In response to a brief to ‘brand the unbrandable’, they created a tongue-in-cheek and ‘playfully awkward’ branding aimed at the anti-vegan friends and family of vegans.

Nick said: "The project was a delightful experience, and we enjoyed exploring eco-consciousness in a creative and unconventional way.

"I’d also like to extend our gratitude to Stormbrands for presenting us with this challenging brief, and our tutors Paula Williams and Stephen Lloyd for guidance along the way."

You can find out more about the project on Nick's portfolio and Nico’s portfolio.