Nicola Colluso

Nicola Colusso


Since graduating from Ravensbourne, Nicola has been working on a number of freelance projects. He is currently working as a Sound Producer for Ablinq. He secured work at the media house after one of the Ablinq team saw the short film he created while at Ravensbourne and recommended him for the role.

Nicola heard about Ravensbourne through a friend. After visiting the building and seeing the fantastic facilities on offer for fostering creativity, he knew it was the place for him.

At Ravensbourne Nicola collaborated with students from different disciplines. This helped him to expand his horizons as he learnt about different creative industries and worked as part of a group.

One of Nicola’s favourite memories of Ravensbourne was the engaging lectures he attended from his tutors. His time at Ravensbourne has also provided him with invaluable industry connections.

Commenting on this he said “Basically, all the people I am working with at the moment, are related to Ravensbourne or I started working with them as a result of projects I worked on at university."

Sound Producer