Louis Grace

Louis Grace


Since graduating from Ravensbourne, Louis has carved out an impressive freelance career as a sound engineer for the BBC, Resonance FM, Insight Guides, Cafe OTO, The Windmill, ATG and Richmond Theatre.

Louis was drawn to Ravensbourne because he felt it was the only Sound course in the country which offered so much diversity. The variety of the modules on the course, which ranged from sonic arts to radio and from television to film, appealed to him.

Coming from a musical background, Louis was keen to explore different areas within sound, and Ravensbourne seemed like the perfect place to do this

On the course, Louis enjoyed the opportunity to learn from his lecturers, who were industry professionals and passionate about their particular fields of study. His tutors mentored him and encouraged him to pursue his passion for sonic arts and radio. The work he has received from the BBC and Resonance FM wouldn’t have been possible without their insight and direction.

Having access to the university’s fantastic facilities also gave him the chance to become skilled in using the technologies he would encounter in industry.

Commenting on his time at Ravensbourne Louis said, “Ravensbourne is a great place to study, I wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else... keep your ears pricked in your surrounding environments, explore South London, be present in art and music scenes, and surround yourself with a diverse and a like-minded bunch.”