Educator and Wellbeing Coach Tor Njåmo on his Ravensbourne journey

Tor Njamo
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If anyone could best describe the Ravensbourne experience, it would be Tor Njåmo. After arriving in London from his home country of Norway in 2012, Tor spent six years studying at Ravensbourne; first completing a Bachelor's Degree in Web Media and then going on to complete an MA in Social Innovation and a PGCert in Teaching and Learning in Creative Courses. He was also the president of the Ravensbourne Student Union (RSU). 

After graduating, Tor then returned to teach at Ravensbourne as a lecturer. He covered subjects such as business development, content, layout design and branding and design thinking and taught across multiple courses including Fashion and Digital Film Production.

Nowadays, Tor works as the Senior Coach and Trainer at Decoded, a technology provider and eductor with offices across London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. He is also a Spiritual and Wellbeing Coach and the host of his own podcast Reflekt, which explores different well-being practices, in particular focusing on meditation.

Here, Tor speaks to Videographer Jack Brown about his experiences of being part of the Ravensbourne community and gives practical advice to students preparing to start their university journey.

Building a connection

Tor talks about the powerful connection he felt towards Ravensbourne and how his time here enabled him to progress as a designer. Many of the skills he learnt while at Ravensbourne he still uses every day in his role as Senior Coach and Trainer.


Choosing a university

Tor discusses how he initially got to hear about Ravensbourne, and why it ended up being the only university he applied to. 

Student satisfaction

With Ravensbourne recently achieving a 93% satisfaction rate for postgraduate study, Tor discusses why he thinks Ravensbourne ranks so high.

The remote student experience

Tor contemplates the impact that coronavirus and remote learning has had on the overall student experience across the world.

Preparing for industry

Tor discusses how Ravensbourne prepares students for getting a job in the industry.

Advice to students

Tor considers what he would say to anyone thinking of studying at Ravensbourne.