Natasha Nickson Fashion Buying and Brand Management alumni

Natasha Nickson


I was drawn to Ravensbourne because of its modern approach and incorporation of industry practice. I learnt how to use a range of software from Adobe InDesign to Google Draw, which is a useful skill I still use. We were lucky to have many guest lecturers from industry, which provided insight into many different job roles I could have used my degree for. 

We had the opportunity to go to Sri Lanka, and seeing first hand how a factory works really put our projects into context. I knew this experience would make me stand out from others when applying for jobs after uni. I spent a lot of time researching fabrics and sustainable practices during my studies, which got me the job I have now. 

Being able to focus on the areas I was passionate about allowed me to learn so much about sustainability, which is key for my current role as Sustainability Coordinator at Lucy and Yak.  I started as the founder’s personal assistant but after just a few weeks they acknowledged my passion for sustainability and the knowledge I had gained during my degree, and gave me a new title to reflect this.

A typical day doesn’t really exist when balancing these two roles! I could be travelling to a city to find pop up locations one day, speaking at a climate strike the next and writing up a sustainability audit for the office the day after. Every day is different and involves a lot of travel, most excitingly regular trips to India to visit the factories.

I’d advise students to try and find what you’re passionate about whilst studying. I tried lots of different areas including buying, merchandising and wholesale whilst at Ravensbourne but didn’t love any of them. The best way to explore what you love is to do internships in different roles and gain as much experience as you can. Don’t get too focused on a goal and be open to new experiences.

BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Brand Design
Year of graduation: 2019