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Student charter and Parliament

At Ravensbourne, we're dedicated to giving every one of our learners the best possible chance to succeed. Our learners and staff agree that to do this, we need to build a foundation of treating each other fairly and equally.

Student Charter

Our Student Charter, reflected in this student-produced video, is a commitment between staff and learners to respect each other as part of a learning community. By recognising our rights and responsibilities to each other, we can develop the effective, positive working relationships we need to make the most of our Ravensbourne experience. 

Student Parliament

Ravensbourne listens to and takes into account the views of students in its' decision making process. We care what our students think about Ravensbourne. And we believe it's important we're transparent about how we do things. The Student Parliament is the platform that allows students to air their views and raise any concern related to the student experience here at Ravensbourne.

The Parliament meets three times in an academic year and at least once in every term. This meeting provides an opportunity to bring the Student Union Executives, all Student Reps and member(s) of the Senior Management Team together in an open forum. 

We take both positive and negative feedback seriously - so our Student Parliament and Student Liaison Committees are there to give you regular opportunities to make yourself heard by our senior managers and find out more about how we are run. 

From how we spend your money to how we can improve our technology, they talk about the matters that are important to you. 

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