Under the Sun (1989)

Concept and creative process

‘Under the Sun' was a documentary series that explored different cultures around the world. Designers Sue Worthy and Lucy Blakstad wanted to create a title sequence that intrigued, drawing the viewer in and containing the essence of what it is to be human and part of the natural world. They chose The Golden Rectangle as the structural framework for their imagery, a proportion long considered to be particularly pleasing on the eye. A succession of metamorphosing, impressionistic, live action images, that hinted at different narratives, were revealed by light rippling across a slate background. The wheel, the human foetal position, a spiral staircase, the iris of the human eye and the unique thumbprint were all chosen for their affinity with the Golden Spiral. The motion control camera spiralling down through these images revealed, as it came to a stop, that the Golden Spiral pathway was the defining element of the sequence, combining the title, logo and thumbprint texture on the slate background. Filmed at Cell Animation using the motion control camera rig and composited in post-production at the Framestore.

Designer/Directors - Lucy Blakstad and Sue Worthy.

Model Maker - Steve Wilsher.

Winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Graphic Design.

Press articles

'Televisual' May 1990 - Brian Tregidden, Head of  Graphic Design article

'Televisual' May 1990 - Brian Tregidden, Head of  Graphic Design article