Twenty One Years Of The Two Ronnies (1987)

Concept and creative process

Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett introduced a series celebrating classic sketches from their twenty-one year old partnership. Against the background of a slowly moving starry firmament, a countdown from nine to zero in large numerals zoomed in from out of screen and floated about in space, each containing live footage from one of their classic sketches of the past two decades. In conclusion most of the numerals exit the screen, leaving the 2 and 1 centre screen as the words ‘Years Of’ sparkle on. The ‘21’ morphed to the iconic pairs of specs, the ‘Two Ronnies’ brand identity. A reprise of the glittering programme title followed and a wipe to the two Ronnies in the studio, seated behind their familiar news desk. The sequence was composited and animated on a Quantel Harry.