The House of Gristle (1994)

Concept and creative process

Titles for the children's series 'The House of Gristle' about the adventures of the rubber puppet Gristle family. The title sequence of 3D images was made from a mixture of some found objects and many specially made models, all shot individually in motion on videotape against a colour separation blue background. They were then composited in the BBC Graphics Edit Suite over the panning sky background, taking their cues for the choreography from the pre-recorded title music. The title caption was also a model, shot tilting into its final position as the music reached its climax, while the flying ducks did a celebratory fly-by.

Model Maker - Alan Kemp.

Lighting Cameraman - Malcolm Dalton.

VT Editing Assistant - Maeve Stephens.

Video Editor – Malcolm Dalton.

Designer/Director – Pete Wane.