Heart And Soul (1995)

Concept and creative process

Titles for a religious magazine programme presented by Carrie and David Grant. Designer Andy Frith recalls the making of the sequence:

The concept behind these titles emerged almost immediately as the producer, Hugh Faupel explained the programme to me. I simply took his definition literally and stylised it into a story. He needed something distinct, refreshing, entertaining and attractive, a sequence that all of the family could relate to and enjoy.

After going through the storyboard with several animators, I chose the combination of Tandem Films to produce the sequence and create the cell animation, and Mole Hill to create the stop frame models and animate them. I was attracted to his slightly rougher modelling technique that took the claymation style enough away from Nick Park’s work to be different (Wallace and Gromit were very popular at the time). Post-production was done on Harry at Cell Animation.

The church model was quite big (about a meter in height) enabling the motion control rig shoot for both this and the move down the street. Everything went incredibly smoothly in the creation of this sequence. Hugh and the rest of the production team were very supportive and engaged with the creative idea and process and his trust and confidence enabled what was at the time  a very different stylistic approach to Sunday morning religious programming.

The logo was designed by myself, influenced by a number of calligraphic type faces and stained glass windows from modern churches and cathedrals. We continued to create the full font with the help of typographer Paul Hickson for use in other media.

The sequence won a Silver BDA (Broadcast Design Award) that I picked up at the award ceremony in Washington DC.


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Heart and Soul storyboard