County Hall (1982)

Concept and creative process

‘County Hall' was a title sequence for a drama series about life in the corridors of power of local government. I designed a logo for the series in the form of an official crest from which Stephen Greenfield created the 3 metre model. The model was filmed using a computer controlled 35mm snorkel lens camera at Oxford Scientific Films. The movement of the steel ball as it rolled around the labyrinth of featureless corridors was partly hand animated by an operator underneath the set using a powerful magnet. Much of the action was shot in real time, either by rolling the steel ball or by tilting the set to allow it to gain momentum.

Lighting Cameraman - Douglas Adamson.

Editor - David Farlie.

Music Composer - Martin Cook.

Modelmaker - Stephen Greenfield Associates.

Designer/Director - Michael Graham-Smith.

Winner of a Design & Art Direction Wood Pencil for Television Graphics/Drama 1983.

Nominated for the Royal Television Society's Craft & Design Award.

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