Blue Peter (2004)

Concept and creative process

In 2004 a new title sequence was commissioned which Emma Lidgey designed with the support of Kevin Hill as Creative Director. This sequence had an affinity with Kevin Hill’s 1999 version of the titles, in terms of colouring, the use of CGI and the apparent participation of the current presenters in the action, but was otherwise centred around the activities of the crew of children, filmed in silhouette, as they went about the work of hauling on the ropes to hoist the sails of the good ship ‘Blue Peter’ which was about to sail. There was a revision in the use of the ‘Blue Peter’ logo which had been redesigned as a CGI sailing ship, floating within bubbles in Kevin Hill’s original sequence. This had been a radical departure from tradition, as it had relegated Tony Hart’s sacrosanct original ‘Blue Peter’ ship logo to a relatively minor position on the hull of the new CGI ship in a bubble. In this remake, Tony Hart’s original logo was restored to its former prominence in the sequence. The ‘Blue Peter’ pets were also given a role in the titles watching the rope action.

Producer - Janet Smith.

Creative Director - Kevin Hill.

3D Animation - Andy McNamara.

Flame Post-Production - Ian Simpson.

Designer - Emma Lidgey.